You are never alone…

The unevoked thought of being is that we think we are alone. Alone in the mist, alone in our sorrows, alone in our pains. That we bare the decanity of our existence all alone. The superb thought of being is that in this mistrust of feeling alone, thoughtful reminded and gathered by the spell of our own minds, we certainly can excel in this thought when you neglect the fact that you are all connected by the same energy that roots all kind of different dimensional life together. The real splendor of being lies inside, rooted by the precautioned energies, and your soul knows this.
There is one big well, the great source of all outcome and incoming energy, and this common expansion drift of going in and going out there is never such thing and there never will be such thing that you are alone. It never was, it never will and it will never be.
Open up to the universal energies and be helped, drenched and taken care of by the influential help of these existential, contributing and uplifting energies what float around the universe.
Never forget that the universe is you. You are the universe. Your own kind of unique universe and in the dwelling of the thought, read mind, that you are standing apart of these influential energies you make a great misunderstanding that you set yourself apart of these contributions. They are there, without or without your conscious or subconscious consent.
It is a fact that we all have guides, helpers and many and many of other influential and contributing souls on our path. So do not set yourself apart never and ever again by the singularity of your pre-thought, miscomprehension and the misunderstanding of how the universal energies do take a great part in your life, on your evolutionary soul path and on your unique predestined way up to your soul enlightenment.
Irmgard Daanen