You are a ‘paradisical’ being

You have to create
Your own paradise
They never promised us
‘Heaven on earth’
A joyful task into the dust
Or a beautiful rose garden
It is as it is

We live what we have to live
We live
With our precious souls
What we have to live
To evolve into the dust
The dawn and the evening glory
Of planet earth

As you are able to create
Your own happiness
ou can create also a happy life
A beautiful paradise
Your own energetic
Happy space on earth
The spot of your being to evolve

Evolvement has everything
To do with surrender
Surrender to the circumstances
Surrender to life
Surrender to the will of your soul
What it have to learn on its ‘earthly mission’
Trust, surrender and follow the soul

The soul knows its way
Its path to paradise
To make your own ‘soul heaven’ on earth
Seek for soulfulness in your life
And align with the universe
To create an abundant and happy/happier life
‘Your own garden full of blooming roses’

In the midst of this garden
In the centre of all
Stands tall, uptight and proudly
Your own flower
When it blooms in full potential
You shine, you flourish and radiate
‘Flowerfulness’ a happy stage of being

Seek for a life
With paradisiacal features
So that your inner flower, your soul
Can bloom and flourish
In the most fertile environment
Into the energetical acknowledge
Of your precious, precious being

Love, Irmgard