You are a happy soul

Life is fun
Life is a challenge
Life is living
To the depths
To the heights
But most of all
Life is always worth living

Even when you are disabled
Depressive or ill
Your existence
Your birth
Has a purpose
A purpose of being
Being of the soul to exist into the dust

Life can be difficult (sometimes)
Life can be challenging
Life can be harsh
Life can be exhausting
But life can also be fun, nice and good
It is just the way you look
The way you decide to look

We know you have your pains
Sorrows, grief and moments of unbelief
In life. In the universe. Even in us
We understand that
We understand you are made into the dust
With your dualities
But also with your qualities. Never forget that

Life is as much fun if you focus on it
Focus on the wellbeing
Focus on the good luck
The little hazards, coincidences or love
Focus and be mindful
Focus and be aware
Life is more than your problems, illness(es) or bad luck

Please keep your mindset always going
As positive as you can
Even in harsh times you can be lucky
You can count your blessings
Having fun. Or be contrary joyful
Why not? Focus on the good things in your life
Not only on the ‘bad things’
The harsh issues

Never lose hope, faith or belief
In yourself, your situation or existence
Or in us! As we represent the universe
By talking to you. Giving you words
Words of love and comfort
Words of keeping up your appearance
In changing your negative mindset
Into a positive one. That is fun too

Never take your life for granted
Even when it is full of challenge, distraction
Or grief and problems
You are here with a reason
With a purpose of the soul
Not only to live but also to connect
With your soul. With others
Only being here is life fulfillment

Be aware in your projection of life
Be conscious in what life means to you
Be mindful how you represent yourself
Towards yourself, towards others
Because your energy isn’t fake. It will never lie
Not to us. Not to yourself
Maybe you think you can hide, but that isn’t true
Stick to your trueness
Stick to the comfortable being as you are

You are just what you believe
You are just what your mindset is
You are as true as your inner being
You are lovingly, divinely shaped and organized
You are a joyful soul. Full of light. Full of love
Please remind yourself that every single, earthly day again
You are what you believe you are… Always

Love, Irmgard