Wuthering, authentic heights


Once your walk the path of the soul there is only magic. Universal magic. In the open mindedness of your being, humanly self, there lies the invitation to the universe to deliver more. More of all that soul matters what apparently appear on your soul path to be experienced, to be awakened in your own truthful being or to lift you up in the evolvement state of your soul self.

As I can say that nothing does surprise me anymore I was really surprised that I felt two days ago, in a flash I was driven to it, saw an announcement of a online shamanic course. As playing the drums, trying to play on a native flute and once I have conquered the emotional blockade on my throat chakra, I will sing again, does all together sparkle my soul to great heights. My own wuthering, authentic heights. Although I am still coping with my burnout I instantly felt that this wasn’t a coincidence. And as I use Facebook only for my work and not personal anymore I was completely driven to the tutors personal profile at once.

Before I hardly known I had applied for the course, knowing that I had a weekend off and wanted to get rest in the forest to lift my being into tranquility and in feeling myself better than I used to do last months. So my soul had driven me once again to an English course but now online as I am not QR labeled I am not very welcome in this time of social reality. So by zoom than. Did that once before but as I am only gazing through life now my second hand marketplace laptop failed to connect me with zoom just before the meeting started. A quick fix didn’t pop up. What a challenges…

Nevertheless my mobile did the zoom course, staring at a little surface, I got a beautiful reading from a co-course member. Just what I needed to hear and above all the course did remember me of the fact that I am a natural being, connected with all and everything around me. The proverb of being is that we might think that we are not aligned with nature but in fact we all are. With the trees, the plants, the birds, all aspects of nature. My biggest awareness of the course was that every natural item can contribute to me. Being outside aligning with nature again. With the trees and animals, with all what nature has to offer. Also consciously awaken in the truth that everything carries energy. I did know that, nevertheless I didn’t use that in my work for so far. Just by reading angel cards I used the images, the colors and the cards in their setting.

That everything caries its own energy did appeal me at once and as I am highly aligned with all what nature has to offer I was, during the course, remembered by the tutor, but also by the beautiful reading I received by surprise that I had shut myself to long off for the natural contribution to my being. Here sitting in the tranquil settings of the forest for a couple of days I am aware of my own truth again. As the nuisance of the business area where I live now comes into silence in the moment I deeply wish for a place to be surround by the natural wealth I described before.  Above all am a natural girl and in the natural womb of mother earth I feel myself the best and the most aligned with all the elements of Gaia, of the animal kingdom and realms but also it lights my inner fire, it flows my path like water, it is as breezy and light as the air and mother earth roots my being like a flowing humanly tree. Connecting myself with all the elements, the elementals and the elemental moments of to be in being. Ready to sprout its petals in Spring and ready to go for myself…

Love, irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen