When your own love overcomes the fear…

When your own love overcomes the fear the power within you will grow. As no meaning, no fact can be interwoven with this concept of being just the feeling, neither the realization, can contribute to this intensity of being self.

We are counter-effective beings. We want too much, dedicated with that mind of ours and this false immaturity of the humanly self, mind self, is the most irresponsible act on behalf of yourself. Once you are touched by the meaning of life and the self-fulfilling need to accomplish the needs of your soul instead of the willingness of your mind self, things will start to change.

By no chance we are here and the moment you are put into silence, the eternal stillness of the soul, your are shaken to listen to your soul rather than listening to your mind and its thoughts, settings and seclusions. Conclusions too. You are so willingly on the moment your soul gets in and in the gathering of the peculiar means of being you are set, challenged and evoked to follow those leads.

In the stillness of being you will learn to trust on your own means, the inner whisperings and by each step you make, the one you dare to take, you will grow. Grow consciously in your awareness, in your self-confidence and in the self-fulfilling prophecy of life. The gathering along, the strings attached, might be loosened and once you are unchained of all and everything you will welcome your humanly self in your homie: your humanly vessel of the soul.

I came from far and my soul voyage, the awakening route, lasts almost eight years now and in the stubbornness of myself, what definitely is my path concerned, I just feel that I am  now awaken in concept of my own being. It is a feeling rather than a thinking and in the wondering of self, in the fully conceptual premature state of being I feel like  a raw, unpolished gemstone.

Roughly awakened, processed deeply and even in the finest grip on life I am fluttering away on the universal energies. Once I am talking with likewise minded people about it they say it is certainly time, divine time, to stay grounded and stay horizontal instead of vertical. In the vertical state I flutter away and resonate my own song of life in the Nirvana between.

In the connection with myself now, the bond with my essential, unmasked, authentic self, I am highly aware that my work will set and reach no soul when I stay on fluttering in my awakened state of the soul, still running away of my being, task -read mission- and unable to connect further with myself in order to connect with others.

Vertically seen, my higher-self has an enormous outgoing and incoming stream of universal energy (in and output) but this won’t land, won’t reach, when the connection is based on the connection of my bond with the universal energies.

Yesterday, I was at a museum visiting the Dutch exhibition of the forgotten princesses of Thorn. I couldn’t manage myself because of all that people with their energies, the noises, the input I unconsciously felt knowing and feeling beyond everything that this, raw hypersensitiveness, isn’t easy to live with and by. The overwhelming concept of being is my highest good but on the other side my sensitivity makes me nervous and asking myself is this what I want to live?

Almost notorious about the visibility of the exhibition I went back and said to the universe “this is not funny anymore. If you want me to work in the field, to do my task (read thing) please help me to shut myself off of all the energies around. I am human after all and perhaps highly adapted to all the (universal) energies but this is not living. This is suffering. Please help me to protect me, to shield me and to help me to take a good care for myself to keep on going”.

I am not afraid anymore to ask the universe, my spirit team or friends to help me as I cannot exclude myself of life anymore and have to adapt myself to the highest standards of living here. In connection with others downsizing the connection with the universal common wealth of energies. I choose definitely for myself and protect myself for all the input I get. I just want to live an ordinary life and the receiving, the input I get, isn’t mines. It is just a thing what I am able to do and I need a green basis to live in to withdraw me of life sometimes. To be refreshed, renewed and to be able to restart.

To be able to connect myself horizontally… with living humans from soul to soul without being drained and soaked by all the energies. Certainly my own self-love has overcome the fear of the mind and I was able to grow internally but being open in an raw, overwhelming and hypersensitive state is not the best way to deal with life, to connect with others and to do what I am here for…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen