We can all reach to the stars and travel by the light…

The inherited belief of what we are is a misconception of being. We are far more than we think we are. We are super natural energetic species who’s awareness reaches beyond our own perception. We are the significant belief of our own convictions and we are far more an energetic specie than a materialized specie.

We can reach to the stars and travel by the light. We can embody our lighting and loving core by our souls, means and plans. We are carriers of our own eternal wisdom. Gained, learned and captured by evolution, evolutionary travels, birth and re-birth.

We are souls from the stars, star seeds, high emotional intelligent souls who are embodied. Imprisoned by our own minds, bodies and limitations of the (ego) mind. We are the most likely restricted specie who is around there and although we are, energetically seen, emotional intelligent souls we often do not rise in this authentic wisdom. Our natural birthright.

Our envisioned state is one of a higher purpose. One who can’t and couldn’t impossibly be navigated and understood by the human minds. Although we are highly natural wise beings, soul wise, we are imprisoned by our own standards, lives and narrow mindedness.

The most awakened souls, humans, are those who truly have left their time zones, their comfort beddings and their earlier humanly ego minds. Therefore they are able to see, to capture and live by the soul. From one to another soul. This singularity is reserved to those who are suppressed (read pushed), challenged and evoked by the universe and the eternal loving compounds to restore their original settings.

This is no sinecure and this method of refreshing, of re-birth of self, is often a long and intensive process. The reason to be acquainted with self, the soul self, is to restore what is yours. That all on behalf the universe, your universal plan (maybe contract too) and your universal contribution to the greater good.

We are all part of The Great Plan of Love and in one or another way you will be remembered someday, the divine moment of being, to dive inwards to settle those universal rights of your soul to be reset in your original settings.

Be open by the energetic, universal influence and be convinced that you are far more than you think you are, that you can reach to the stars with your soul, travel by the light and your main plan is to contribute to that great universal plan of love. Be prepared to launch yourself to higher goods, dimensions and to a more sustainable, soul contributing, life…

Love, Irmgard