We are all keepers

I am on the move. In the most sequenced way. Soul way. It combines my universal settings with my humanly potential. I do not long, I do not suggest nor expect (anymore) I only follow into the not knowingness of my mind, into nowhere land and I do not find anything of it.

How peculiar some moments were the last decade, the deep and steep the path… it won’t distract me of my actual path. Flawlessly and rapidly moving into the prophesied meaning of my existential truth.

I am authentic, essential and in total surrender I follow dedicatedly what I am supposed to follow. All is my free choice and the universe never forced me to act otherwise. I am guided, helped and loved by the universal energies and I know that they will do anything to get me granted and standing in my own love, in my own light as meant to be from the first moment I sucked earthly air in my lungs.

I am foreseen. Foreseen in my highest potential. It is unique in its radiant uniqueness. Like any other soul unique in their own settings is. I am me. I am a child of the universe, a child of love, a child of light. I am here to spread these profound pillars of the universe in our regions. I am not different of anyone else, not chosen, not one of the 144.000 workers who have seamed to be chosen to do the job.

We are all keepers of the light, keepers of the love and meaningfully rooted in the universal energies. I am not different than you as you are also here to shine your light, to sparkle your love. Perhaps your deeds aren’t visible for others or on a larger scale just know, feel deeply, that you count. In that prospectus we are all chosen to spread our love, to light our inner chandelier to illuminate the world.

You are the one to stand on your own, in your peculiar light, to embrace your unique love to enlighten lovingly your surroundings, your work and your existence. You are an almighty beautiful soul and I am proud of every step you take in the foreseen path, your unique way.

Carry your (soul) torch with proud, with self-confidence and with respect. You are worthy of all what is. All what might be. You are in this too. Follow your unique leads and let you be carried by the universal wealth too. You are love. You are light. Be immaculate in your prophesy and carry your light, your love, to others in the most passionate, dedicate and loving way there is. You are on the move. Like we all are…

Love, Irmgard