I am inspired by something I just read. I want to share these words:

“And I ask myself what have I truly lived, if I left this world today, have I truly lived…”

For most of us the answer will be NO I haven’t. The question what pops up straight away is… WHY DIDN’T YOU? Why didn’t you live the life of your dreams. Why did you stumble each day in and out further. Why weren’t you awake enough to realize that something had to change? Is it that you were, or are, uses to the rhythm feeling asleep and the fact that you are in “a sleepwalking state of being” gives you comfort, maybe security and perhaps stability? But is it? Isn’t it that we are all made, not only made for loving, share our love but also to BE HAPPY! Happiness is a tremendous uplifting state of being. Not only for yourself, your life but most of all for that soul of yours. That inner diamond in the rough waiting to be unshivered, unveiled by the mist of the mind and ready to be discovered and unleashed in the sweetest content of being.

You know still how it FEELS??? HAPPINESS folks, is inner happiness and not all that shining, glamming and exclusivity what most of our beings, say ego minds, long for. Don’t forget that real inner happiness last long, is highly satisfying and even gives us that inner glimpse of our self. The reflecting sparkle of being. You are so designed to BE HAPPY! So strive for inner, everlasting, happiness and find that inner sparkle again! Love what you do and certainly do what you LOVE. That is so, so essential. Aren’t we all here to be happy and share this happiness to others. You are not made to keep on sleepwalking, dreaming and as time ticks by, tic tac… tic tac…, to see your dreams vanish as the fog what the mind lays on your humanly souls. The time is always NOW. To change. To begin. Time is everlasting important in the now. As the moment is and will be always NOW.
And NO! You are not too old or whatever excuse you can invent with that mind of yours. The moment you start doubting your mind gets in. And that is really a waste of your dream time. Of pure radiating soul time too.

Come on! Start waking up before the universe will shake your being and life up. WAKY WAKY! Time to unreveal your potential is now!
Time to set your goal and strive for a purpose is now!
Time to take charge of your own life is now!
Time to set dreams into reality is now!
Now is now!
Take your men pants on and go for it! Your own HAPPINESS! Isn’t that a purpose, a life-fulfilling course, already… Set your goal and set that soul of yours ON FIRE!!!

Love, Irmgard❤️