Universality by its means

I am an universal creature. Living my misty mind bulb, brains, the best way I could. I am the contradictionairy of my original means. In the concluding outcome of my inner meaning of life I am still navigating sometimes on that misty brain lobes. In the middle of fears, the challenges and anxieties my universality points me, again and again, on the existentiality of my original means: the soul and its pillars.

As my mind is working devastating hard too there is no such thing as a luscious outcome if the mind doesn’t align itself behind the soul and its prophesied meaning of life. I am far more an universal than an earthly creature. In the challenge of the moment, jumping again without a proper sight where I am going to, the universe forces me to look in my own mirror of conflict, of anger and contemplation.

The meaning of being an highly developed universal soul, measuring and living in its own universality, there is nothing so difficult to cope with all that earthly challenges and the ones the mind keeps on holding too. Fear and anxieties are far more limiting in universal processes than anything else. I am my worst limitating hiccup on the moment. As far the universe is concerned they want me to step forward one more time into my universality and I am the one who holds this back.

I hardly slept this night, pre-assuming my house is sold soon, and there is nothing to hold on to, no horizon to move forward to and no anchor to reach out for. I am almighty afraid what will be served although they told me that it will be much more beautiful than it ought to be. In the middle of the night staring at the ceiling and figuring out what is all true and what not the input kept on coming. My fears too.

In the challenging periods of many may year I didn’t break, I didn’t fall, I just kept on going. Putting myself not in my problemized and difficult life but rather above, beside or I didn’t connect at all. I was a pioneer of myself to watch to my own life and seeing and noticing it passed by without taking a proper part in it.

In the universal way to make you aware into the conscious humanly mind they are so stubborn that they shake you until you will awake. So I did. I just lived and moved forward on behalf of my soul and its means. In the meantime I forget to take a part again in the conscious regeneration of myself, of my soul and of my universality.

The universe will and shall remember your universality when you time is set. I am broken, angry and most of all I lost my sparkle. For my universal means, my input, its potential and so on. Even when I couldn’t catch sleep everything what the universal means wanted to show to me went by and I only could say: I give up. It has been enough. I am shaken into awakeness, lived my conscious being and tried to make the best of it but you shook me so well, so many times, that I am a shadow of my original self anymore. Is that what you want? That I lost everything only to let me bend and to let me surrender? Is this the way you work?

You know what? I give up. I feel broken. I understand my universality and that its time to step up in the prosperity of my soul self.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen