Universal help

The universe says: come to me, surrender and believe in your own prosperity, path and well-being. Your sorrows are ours, your pain is ours too.
You are not alone, please let me help you during your storms. Evidently there is nothing to fear as the universe is always willing to help you. You can call the source of all God or whatever, it doesn’t mind. Your religion isn’t ours but we are all connected by the same source: the source of all.
Your creed for help will always be heard, your plead too and even your most demand in despair will be heard. Do have faith that we are able to help you. Do have the believe that we are on your side. Always. In the good and in the worst times. We are the light. We are the love and we are certainly there to help all our children.
Take advantage of this knowing and please call out, shout, beg for our help. You will be heard. Now, then, ever. In your plead, in your demand, in your agony you might put the intention towards the universal energy to help you. Whatever you ask, be specific. Although we are connected we need clearance in what kind of help you wish for.
Be spectacularly open to our help and its magical ways to show this to you. Do not be tightened by your own convictions, ideas or thoughts. Every child out there in the universe who asks for help will be seen. Will be heard. So do you. Dry your tears and set that intention out in the energy to be manifested…
Love, Irmgard