Unfold your life

Your soul is eager to learn, to evolve
So do you. Maybe you forget that
But when we launched you into the dust
From stardust
Energetical stardust into the earthly dust
We gave you a plan. An universal plan
It accompanied you along the way

Stick to this plan
You are often distracted
Influenced by many other earthly matters or things
You lost your track, forget your route
Abandoned your path
Your unique path of the soul
Ask yourself what is important for yourself

What is important for your soul?
The imperfect you wants to be perfect
The earthly flaws has to be smoothened
The ugly dualities must be covered
And your adaption is like a ‘display window’
Highly recommended to show its best way
Influenced by your society

What about your dualities?
What about your flaws?
Why covering your imperfections?
Why hiding your disabilities?
Nobody is perfect
Even the perfect examples, they mean they are
Are imperfect. You are not meant to perfect

You are meant to be real
Be you. A true version and reflection of yourself
Why always showing us and the world
Your adaption with a thick layer of ignorance?
Ignorance about who you truly are
Denying the essence of your truthful being
Lacking your soul and its desires. A closed heart

We want you to unfold yourself
We want you to unfold your life
We want you to live our universal plan
We want you to live your unique plan of the soul
Narrated by the heart. Narrated by your truthful intuition
Why don’t you let yourself be narrated by our voice?
The voice of the intuition. The voice of the heart and soul

Seek your blueprint today. Your earthly day
We do not have and know time
As time does not exist in our dimension
We repeat that to make you aware that we have eternity
But you don’t. Nevertheless you are never too old
It is never too late to discover your blueprint
The plan of your soul

Forget all that perfections you seek in life
Live yourself in the most extra ordinary way
Do not hide your true self anymore
Live your flaws. Live your imperfections
You are here to learn. You are attending the earth school class
Be eager to learn. Follow our leads and lessons
Be willing to listen to our guidance and whisperings

But dear ones, you cannot listen well
You are not able to listen in purity
If you are not aware of yourself, to your plan
And you do not recognize the existence of your beloved soul
Unfold yourself. Unfold your blueprint. Unfold your life
We will highly adapt to the plan
As plans have to be lived. Always

We, many light beings, representing the universe
The other dimension of light and love
Will make sure you become aware, be conscious about yourself
If you are stubborn and not willing to face our reality
Your reality, the truthful you, the essence of your being
We will be back. Will be there as many times you lack to listen to us
We will help you to unfold. We will point you to your uniqueness

If you lack, we will come back
If you deny, we will tell you why
If you won’t face reality, we will come to gravity
Stick to you, be with you until you have a clou
To make you aware of your being, for a truthful seeing
We have eternity in time, and it won’t cost us a dime
Be unfolded and true. That is all we wanted to say…
Besides that we love you

Metatron and Zadkiel