Unfold your ego

Be at ease
Don’t stress anymore
Why should you hurry?
Why making problems
With that never lasting thoughts
The mind what isn’t able. Is down
And makes you thinking
Rethinking. Over and over again

Why do you give so much space (credits) to your mind?
Why do you allow your ego
To take so much time of you?
Earthly time. Ego time is rather super specious
And supercilious
You give too much credit to your minds
Your never lasting ego minds!

We try to make you realize
That there is no hurry needed
Take your time. Step by step
We try to make you realize
That there is nothing like
Living your ego minds
Because living your ‘egoistic minds’ limits you

Your ego minds keeps you busy
You hold on to your fears
You hold on to your old beliefs
To your sorrows and grief
To anxiety and more negative emotions
Why do you let yourself be limited?
Why do you do that?

Ego minds are just like ‘unstoppable trains’
Once you step in, there is no way back
It keeps on going. It keeps on moving
It keeps on rolling. And rolling and rolling
Limit your minds. Limit your thoughts
It will limit you. It always does
Why do you give so much credit to your minds? To your ego?

We cannot understand that
You have precious hearts and souls
And you live mostly that egoistic, limiting minds
If you see a treasure and you see (a bunch of) ‘trash’
What do you prefer? Is that choice so difficult?
Why hold on to trashy thoughts
When you have diamonds inside your earthly bodies?

Unfold your ego minds and realize, feel
What they bring you. What they actually give you
Reflect on that! Be conscious and make yourself aware
Of the fact what you want to live
Will you be limited by your own beliefs
Thoughts and negative emotions?
Or are you going to dig your ‘inner diamond’
And polish it so hard that it shines brightly

Unfold the mystery of your being
Dig your diamond
Take your treasure map by the hand
The blueprint of your beloved soul
And reflect on yourself
Make it shine. Make it sparkle
Unfold your inner being and let your ego go
Be as you’re meant to be

Love, Irmgard