Twin flames

When your heart and soul
Are set on fire
You discovered the flame within
It is burning so hard and loud
A feeling you never sensed before
You realize that you actually met your twin soul
A recognition that not can be compared
With other feelings. In intensity
An awareness you couldn’t imagine at all
It can be life changing, I believe

Your ‘other half’ is set on fire too
Those two inflamed hearts
Are ‘dying’ to meet each other again
Because the way they feel
Has a huge impact on their daily life
They live their life as good as it gets
But in their heart they meet
With intuition as the source of communication
When both souls visit each other
On the same frequency of love
Everything is possible

They can ‘make love’
Have telepathic discussions
They are able to ‘visit’ the other soul
In their subconsciousness
And this is great indeed
These souls can hardly wait
That their earthly bodies
Called the adaption
Will unify themselves to one soul again
Until this moment both souls feel particularly lonely

Actually when twin souls reunite themselves
In love. For the greater love
For an universal purpose or plan
This will be such an enormous great love
The energy flow what this will arouse
Will start a (love) process
To bring both souls to a higher frequency
The resonation of their energy will uplift them
So the souls are capable to evolve further
Aligned with the universal light and love

When the meeting of your twin soul is recorded
In the blueprint of your soul
You will be reunited with your ‘equal’ soul
In this life according to the plan
But it is never the intention to start a search
Actually when it is the purpose to reunify
Then you will pass, meet, live and love your twin soul
Not everybody has an ‘equal’ soul
That is what we want to tell you
Live your life according to the plan of the soul
When it is the meaning of life to meet this twin love
You will. In line with the path of your soul

Love, Irmgard