Tune ‘your radio’ in on love

Everything is energy
Vibrations are like radio frequencies
All that energy is dancing
Through the universe
On chords, strings of energy

Energy strings, chords will meet
Will be send out to a recipient
These vibrations you produce
Will finally meet someone, a thought
Or even an universal plan

For us it is clear that once you send out
With your thoughts, actions or wishes
You want to attract this
But we can do a lot, but not everything
We are not involved in everything in your lives

Except when it concerns your soul
The blueprint of your soul
Than we are highly involved as soul evolution
Is the greatest accomplishment in your earthly lives
In the meantime be aware of your vibrations

Your resonance, the vibration frequency, of your being
The waves of your radio vibrations
Will meet the energetical appearance
The manifestation into the dust
We mean by this that what you send out
You will finally attract. Manifest

Therefore we want to emphasize, make sure
That you are aware of every thought
That you are aware of your attitude
Is it positive or negative?
That you are aware of even your happiness

As your complete state of being
Can manifest almost everything on your life path
When you are happy, positive and open minded
You will attract abundance, happiness itself and love
When you are negative, complaining and you can’t find the happiness
You will continuing attracting negative matters

That is how the universe works
Try to understand the universal laws we maintain
Live by these to make sure you vibrate
On the highest possible level in the alignment with your soul
Never underestimate these laws
Never underestimate the power of your resonances
The vibrating frequency of your existence

Tune ‘your radio’ in on the universe
With positive thoughts, deeds and love
Lots of love. As we vibrate on the frequency of love
We are love. Love is the pillar of our dimension
If you can find that frequency you will match us, the universe
In total alignment we will find each other and meet each other
And love will be our similar vibration. Wouldn’t that be great?

Love, Irmgard