In the revealment of my processes one thing always came and ever comes back. And that is trust. Trust in myself, trust in my life and trust in the path I am walking. The common sense of trust begins and starts with the unconditional trust in self. Navigating on the inner reliability of your intuitive strings with the universal energies. Better known as intuition.

My trust… I didn’t know there was something to be worthifying in my own trust. As I formerly raced through life by the occupations of that same life and my busy being, occupying life itself, the means of the trustworthiness of my life wasn’t an issue at all. I just did and lived my life with my mind coping with exactly that what life throwed at my path.

I nowadays feel that life isn’t as much concerned about what I live by my mind, its pains, its thoughts… but rather with my trusted feeling. Inside myself. Trusting myself in its leads, others in their contribution, wisdom and crossing my path for whatever and most of all trusting life itself. With my intuitively given and lived leads.

As we all get our lessons, tests and our learning moments the universe did give me several tests to be leaded back to self. My authentic self… being as I am supposed to be. The essential me. Although these deep processes are necessary amongst al the other processes I realize that all was always referring back to one of the flowing pillars of the universal energetic stream. My life as well. Trust. Trust into surrender. In surrender to the trustworthiness of myself. As a basis.

Leading to the exact point of all back to myself. Trusting myself. On my essence of being. In the trustworthiness of myself lies the growth of the former mistrust. The consequence of being throwed so many times back on my feet to start feeling to grow into my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love as well… it all was related to growing into the trust of myself, my capabilities and into my path. And all its sequences.

Resumed… I am not there at all. As life is one big learning school I will be tested in my trustworthiness over and over again. Nevertheless I just feel that I am making progress. Guess what… my life, love and my path is flowing, moving into the universally foreseen path. I still have many steps to make and take… but that is the real side-effect of being human after all. We are allowed to grow in our soul existence. I say amen to that!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen