True love gives you wings

(Written in 2017)

Love is as a staircase to love (they told me)
Tell me please how I can walk
Properly on this staircase
Without falling down from the steps
Nobody told me so far how to love
How anyway to walk on this steep staircase
I sure know love is all there is
But in what way can I love
Without falling? Regret the steps I miss
Or the steps I didn’t take at all?

Love itself never hurts
It doesn’t but falling from the steep
Love steps I have to make
There is always a slight chance
Of going downstairs
Without even thinking
May be it could hurt when I fall hard enough
But they told me I don’t
Because they said to me:
‘We are all here to comfort you
And be near you when you really miss steps’
But does this really comfort me?

I am uncertain about love
What is love by the way?
I speak about compassion, kindness and caring
Sure, that is love indeed
However what means Love personally, for myself
You could ask yourself
Is my current relationship true love?
Does it give me wings and passion (I need)?
Do I feel at ease near my partner and at home?
Safe without any doubts?
Am I treated with respect and dignity?

This brought me to reflection
About love in my own life
I have it all: safety, feeling comfortable, respect
Dignity and all that nice things more
But I came to the conclusion that
Love never gave me wings
It never let me fly away to reach the sky
I was never passionate living love itself
And I know one thing for sure
I figured it out yet
It was all because I missed one great detail

The part what I missed was
I was not living by my heart
How could I ever have thought that
I was able to fly and have wings anyway?
True love is loving with the heart
With your whole inner being, soul
And your loving, great heart
You could ask yourself ‘am I secure & safe now?’
I am not alone but does your partner
Give you wings so that you could fly
To fly to great heights?
To live a passionate life? Lived by the heart?

Living by the heart
What your soul does cheer from joy
Happiness and a deep fulfilling love
That is what real love is about
Living by the heart and living by the heart
Lived by the heart and loved by the heart
Never forget that real love gives you wings
As the moment is there you feel
Feel by the heart
Is this the love of your life?

Love, Irmgard