True happiness

Why are you afraid of happiness, dear soul?
Tell us why do you?
As happiness, being happy
Is feed for your soul
A happy soul flourishes
A happy soul shines. From the inside out
A happy soul blossoms
A happy soul sparkles
Lack of happiness
Means lacking to care of your soul
On a proper, adequate basis
As being happy makes you shine
Never ever be afraid of being happy
Never ever lack yourself happiness
Never ever forget to live as happy as you could be
Never ever forget to surrender in happiness
Why do you set goals?
As this, as that…
Makes me happy
Happiness always starts from inside out, inwards
Don’t ever, in the pursuit of happiness
Make this dependent on others
Make this dependent on things
Make this dependent on everything besides you
True happiness starts with you
Always. As we say. True fulfillment
Starts with you. With a happy inner
With a soul who vibrates on a higher frequency
Soul have to vibrate as high as they can
As high as possible
Make your being, your soul happy
And surrender to discover what makes it happy
Reflect on yourself, see the inner you
The essence of who you are
Feel deeply inside what your soul wants to live
Live this. Always. Align up with your soul and live the soul!
Once your soul is really and truly happy
Radiate this happiness. In your world
In your dimension
Because happiness is also love
Love must always be spread
Love must always be sown
Love must always be lived
So does happiness. Do you promise?
Love, Irmgard