Trembling soul growth

The state of my soul is not the current state of being. My soul lives, it certainly lives. That I lost my spark for so far is my own feeling. Internal feeling. This doesn’t mean that my soul isn’t sparkling anymore. It only indicates that I lost the connection with myself to feel that internal spark, that internal fire. For so long I am unable to feel that internal glow I am unable to make a mark to the world. To set and carry out what is mine. In my unicity.

My current situation is not my final situation. As I lost that internal glow due to my life circumstances it doesn’t indicate, however I feel this now, that I lost my spark forever. It is there. It is always is and it will always will be. Even when I am unchained with my body form my soul will glow energetically seen.

I am not what I think I am and even I am not what I lack to feel. In the misunderstanding of my soul, how it works and the loss of a proper connection with this higher energetic bulb of mines I am unable to understand its proper feelings and it certainly is not farfetched that I have to restore the connection with self to reset the connection with my soul again.

I am even not misunderstood in that, I might think this, that my current life-circumstances are not contributing to my soul and its processes. As there is a meaning for all and everything, even in the worst lived circumstances, there is a purpose to maintain, a lesson to be learned and a goal to be achieved. Perhaps in the misunderstanding of how soul growth and soul evolution works I might not quite understand for so far that even my state of being is trembling loose, imbalanced and nuisanced, by all the side-effects of living on the edge of a construction property, it might be clueless to think that this is all coincidental and more.

The universe does not proclaim that there might be some coincidences so now and then but once you are heading forward on the path of the soul there are no occasional coincidences anymore. There are synchronicities and even when you might think, rethink and shiver into this thinking that it is not meant to be… it certainly is. So all I am living now is a part of my evolving lesson to become stronger into the prospectus of my own meaning. Task of being. Mission into the dust. To bring the energetically unspoken word to the spoken ones and therefore my path is eager into bringing the universal obtained words into my ears as a high sensitive person with an enormous silver cord with the universal energies to man. On paper, books and even in spoken language as the universe is capable to let me speak on behalf on those who want to be spoken. The universe as well.

Shaken to be awaken, shocked into my veins the universe does their work quite well. I became stronger than ever and even in the trembling nuisance the universe managed to get my frequency higher and higher. And even when I meet souls of quite some dimensions there is always more to see, to meet and to live into the magical beams, realms, of the universal prophesied meaning of my existential truth. I only have to restore my connection with myself in order to grow further into the sparkling, dashing, radiance of my own soul…

Love, Irmgard