Tombola -manifestation- time

Stepping forward into the prophesy of being is no sinecure. It takes strength, courage and the faith that you are able to step forward in that what is meant to be. What is yours. From the start. Conform your universal plan and even contract if this applies to you.

Gaining confidence, self-confidence in your abilities, the possibilities and the strengthened belief of what is, shall be, and its outcome is perhaps a difficult move. To step in. To step forward. Nevertheless, where the belief is, the faith lies, is the invitation to the universe to deliver your prosperous outcome.

Once you dive into fear, into your anxieties, it will postpone what is yours and therefore it is enormously important to start believing in order to start receiving. Your manifestation is always one step behind or before the quality of your thoughts. The moment you enhance the fear, the trembling thoughts of faithfulness and the missing link to its positivism, a positive outcome, you will be behind. Stay behind what is meant to be and delay the manifestation. As long as you are doubting, being anxious and convinced that you are not worthful to receive into the abundant wealth of the universal tombola box.

When it is soul time the universe is so willing to its abundant raffle and give you chances, meetings, luckiness and synchronicities. It is eager to dive in its magic box to deliver you the goodies, the input and stepping stones to help you forward and dive into your inner wealthiness the more and the more.

Ask and receive. Have faith and be delivered. Wish and they raffle and give you the goodies, the needs of your soul to step forward, to dive into its meaningful way to express, to expand and to evolve itself. To grow in its universal plan (and contract too if this suits your soul) of being. How convenient!

So dear soul… what do you ask for? Do you need something for your soul enhancement, evolving matters or so on? Be willingly open to receive. It might not be exactly what you expect but never mind… the universe does its best to cope with your wishes, demands and prospectus -soul prospectus- and although they can’t do it all you can contribute with having faith as said. Be expectingly open minded without expectations, be delightly fearless to what is coming and be abundantly willing to receive. Mind the quality of your thoughts, have confidence and do not hesitate to embrace what will be delivered.

A puzzle, your puzzling concept, will complete itself with the universal help and you might think you have to puzzle, do the work, but that’s a misunderstanding as your soul knows, the universe knows and you just have to follow the leads of your soul. And its voice (over): the intuition. Do not underestimate the (universally) influenced help of your own intuition as this is the lead towards a life full of fulfillment, to a prosperous joyful life and to a more happy and sustainable contribution to yourself, others and the world.

Match in equality and equality matches you. Be relentlessly willing and open to what is yours. The raffle is open, always when you walk your soul path and be surprisingly receiving when the universal wealth delivers. Although it might not match your humanly self but far more your soul self… Tombola time! It’s manifestation time. Always. It’s yours. Mind yourself, your thoughts and open mindedness…

Love, Irmgard