To create a new world

Creating a new world is creating a new inner world first. You impossibly can’t create a new outer world before creating a new deeper inner world. A world without thoughts, fears and emotions what might frighten you to live the real you. The essential you.

All what you live outside, by keeping up the appearances, might not match the inner source of being. All what you send out with the inner, far more neglected part, might be overruled by the determination of your mind and its thoughts to show the world a different you than the essential part of self. In this overlooking and neglecting part of your soul existence you forget that when you want to change something in your life that you better start changing the inner evocation of the truth what you live on the outside.

It is rather impossible to carry on living your unnatural appearance as this does not match your soul, its soulitude* and its soul purpose. You have go deeper and deeper to make that change in the world you probably envision.

The matching conclusion of all is that on behalf of your soul you better start living the authenticity of your inner self and forget that show you send around by the peculiarity of your strengthened thoughts, your vast imperfectionized brain and your secluded being in the mist. So get started and dive deeper to make a change. For the best. Your best…

* Soulitude: the truth, attitude, of your beloved soul

Love, Irmgard ✨

By Irmgard Daanen