The wisdom of my heart

I realized today after driving just one hour through the misty Dutch fields towards a beautiful soul meeting that I can only speak by and through my heart. As all the wisdom I seem to possess lies into this source of ultimate, eternal, wisdom.

As I am surprised nowadays meeting so many likewise, resonating, people that it is time to stand up for my own being, truly living it, with the unspoken knowledge of my intuitive feelings. In the connecting factor, the resemblances and also the similarity of our unique, although different, paths there is a common factor in the people I may meet. As I say meet, I mean meeting them from soul to soul. As they are all pure by their heart and soul.

In this simultaneous accidental meetings, all supposed to be and all arranged by the universal will -the source of all- the unspoken word is a common factor. Often there are no words necessary only feelings, internal knowing’s and the telepathic awareness of the energy around. This is no common thing but it happens the more and the more. What surprises me on the other hand that such connections are reasonable possible. Without searching they just come on my path. Unbelievable magic indeed.

In this stand up light of knowing my soul is bouncing its way up and out. Feeling totally mixed up by this internal push I try to accept this and tranquilize my being by… just being. In the moment and surrendering to it. Like now. By writing about it. By sharing it. Deeply touched again by the coincidently arranged acquaintances.

In the total development of the actual moment of today I was surprised by an intuitive harp concert and this thrilled my being the most. When I closed my eyes I noticed and felt not only quite some energy but mainly a lot of butterflies fluttering around until the room was filled with them. I felt that my heart (energy) went open and a stream of butterflies came out and I felt totally safe and at piece. The same happened with the harpist and my companion in life, my husband. We all three went from a chrysalis to a butterfly and that felt like we all three were transforming. Ready to spread our wings and to do, carry out, what we are here for.

As an academic I thought for forty-seven years that I had all the wisdom inside with my academic law degree. But it isn’t. Far not. The real wisdom comes and is lived by the heart. The heart as seat for our beloved soul. All I may receive, all I may feel, all the whisperings I get from spirit it makes me humble. A humble humanly soul. After so many years struggling against my processes and my mediumicity I now realize that it was all for the best. Soul’s best. In this humbleness, into the surrender, I am ready to spread my wings. To fly. Spreading the wisdom of my heart & soul.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen