The universal jigsaw

I am not here to tell what you should do and I am not here to tell you what you shouldn’t. I am here to help you on your path to awaken yourself in best possible soul version there is. There is no must do and there is no mustn’t do as we all walk our unique, specific, path. You are a solo humanly soul and each path is clear from the start navigating on its universal blueprint of being. We all have this unique route map of the soul.

A soul path does not mean that others tell you what to do. You must feel self, with your inner self -the soul- what is meant for you. The strange idea of living your soul is that others may not include or exclude you of their vision, as all has its own singularity. In the mist of the mind you might think that others could find your specific way in life but that is rather an utopia as no one can find your unique path, you have to figure that out for yourself.
Figuring this out on behalf of our soul by using your intuition, your feelings and your inner gained awareness. The moment you dare to rely on the intuition is the moment you gather your information out of energy of the common wealth and this is highly adapted to your unique plan of being. Your soul knows your path and needs this alignment, read connection, with the universal alliances to get its own path clear. Its input depends on your connection with your higher self.
Your higher self is your leading board. It sure is and the time is set when you will discover this. Living your soul, the path towards living your soul, can be quite a quest. An inner quest and that is okay. It is your inner search and there is nothing so limited as setting time on your processes, must do’s and even when you have a previsioned outcome, where you want to be, this is not how the universe foresees this.
Your path is clear, it certainly is, but are you willing, are you ready to follow the leads of your soul? The moment to be ready is always a willing concept and when you decide not to be willing that is okay as the divine alliances will not force you into anything. Nevertheless, when you really follow your soul and its inner leads you will probably realize by now that there is nothing like free will when you are on the path on the soul. You can’t ignore your soul anymore once you follow and navigate on behalf of your loving core in life. There is no way back once you have stepped in your own unique soul roller coaster.
Don’t be distracted about all the fuss about global awakening as this ‘awakening concept’ has been there for decades, for centuries and even in the beginning. Once human was created you were all ready to be evolving and the common awakening thing is already set in your soul DNA from the first and early start. Every soul ever was awakening. Consciously being on track to its own evolvement. Does the human kind globally awaken? You can merely speak about that souls are evolving into their unique plan and that all starts to come together. Like one big universal jigsaw.
The alignation of the common wealth, the greater good of all life forms, are being busy to align themselves further and further. Does Gaia stand on its own in this universal warming up? No, it doesn’t. So please do not make a big deal of it. It is just an universal thing and not only a planet Earth thing. The human kind has the ability to make themselves always special, but they aren’t. You are just a pin in the great universal game, a jigsaw piece in the great universal puzzle. You are only reminding yourself how to puzzle again. So do not make a big deal of it. Making it bigger than it is. Stand on your two humanly legs and let your soul do the rest. Not that ego thing. Start listening to your call home and navigate on behalf of your soul instead of that ego of yours. This is just a manifest to live by and not a must do. You choose in the end. Nobody else and that is conscious enough…
Love, Irmgard????
By Irmgard Daanen