The ‘universal goody bar’

The miracle you expect to receive, to occur is not something what will manifest itself outside. Miracles occur inside as all the magic you need to feel, to live and to spread is right inside yourself.

Miracles can be evoked by the heart and the soul and in the energetic miraculized stream of sending an invitation out to love, loving magic and loving wholeness you will find a recipient. It is not always what you wish for so be open minded in the receptive means of the universal will and goodies. Be specific in your magical needs. Make sure that all what you wish for can be digged out in that same source of universal goodies as you carry around.
The moment you start believing you start receiving and in this constant flow of faithfulness, of a dedicated heart and soul to the universal stream, living stream, you will feel and realize that your connection with the ‘universal goody bar’, energetic magic supply, and magical abundance will find its way to you.
The universe isn’t a materialized surrounding so do not expect that the magic occurs in materialized supply but rather in magical meetings, acquaintances, coincidences and synchronicities.
Real miracles and magic always start in your own heart and soul. Be aware of this universal goody bar inside yourself and the moment you start believing in, relying on your soul source you will meet the universal magic in countless ways.
Love, Irmgard🌟
By Irmgard Daanen