The universal boomerang

How you treat others
Is essential
Because eventually
How you approach people
What you do
What you radiate
How loving you are
Or not…
Will always return
Whoever sows, will harvest
That is an universal law
The Law of Karma

A law that says
That you have to be well aware
Of what you say
What you do
How you deal with your fellow man
Because how you do
Will you be done
What you radiate
You will be able to look forward to it
Be aware, dear children
What you -finally- want
To give yourself

Think carefully
What do you want to carry out today?
Love from the bottom of your heart
With which you become the Light that you are
Radiating to many
Or will you go for the other version
With which you also touch others
But in an annoying way?
We want to emphasize, dear children
That what you sow
Always will harvest
That all will come back
As a boomerang

Do you want respect?
Treat others with respect
After you look at yourself with respect…
Do you want people to be nice to you?
Start to be nice to yourself
With being nice to others…
Do you want to be seen as a person?
Consider yourself
Then see the fellow man, how it is…
Do you want to be accepted?
First accept yourself
And than the other
Be aware of what you carry out
Be aware of what you radiate
Be aware how karma works

You are all children
Of light and love
Many are unfortunately lost
The connection with themselves

See to know the essence of your being
And radiate, from authenticity
That is how you originally meant to be
The light and love
To yourself. In self-love
Furthermore to your fellow man
Get through the universal law
That which you radiate
Irrevocably back again
Be aware, dear children
What you want to carry out

What do you carry out today?

Love, Irmgard