The transformative unity do not stand on its own…

The transformative unity do not stand on its own.

There is no seclusion, no discard and no miscomprehension anymore. There is no misconception, no winding and no postponing anymore. This is the time to transform all into oneness. The unity of love. This not a stand on its own act. This a highly cooperated unification of loving energies who forces your dimension to an greater inner lining with self. There no hiding anymore, no delays and no exceptions. You are all forced to look inside to your contributive component of self. The soul. You are here urged to make a new or renewed connection with self. The moment is now to reinforce yourself with the greatest good of all to get reunited with your vast core, the soul, to be connected and uplifted in the loving energies of all. Of all goods, the universal goods. Take action into this and make steps forward to unfold, peel and look deeper into awareness, into soulfulness and into subordonance to your soul. Align with self and align with the greater good
Love, Irmgard✨
By Irmgard Daanen