The suspense of the ego

The ego minds are always in suspense
They tackle the heart and the soul
With their insecurities
The ego wants this…
The ego wants that…
It has always something to nag

Nagging is the egos best way
To communicate
If you accept this behavior of your ego
You give it your time, possibilities
And your belief, it keeps on going
Driving you ‘mad’ with their negativity
Making your insecure and imbalanced

Is that what you want?
A nagging ego what determines
The outcome of your life?
A supercilious ego what rules your life?
You are always in control
You are responsible for your own choices in life
If your ego drives you mad or even ‘insane’

You like nagging and negativity
If you stick to your ego (mind)
The ego is dominant
Do you let yourself control by the ego?
By your repeating and ‘crazy’ thoughts
Your way of thinking, reproductive as well
Repeating bad memories, harsh times
And unlucky circumstances

Get rid of the ego! Of that ego mind(set)
Think about what we said
Reflect on our words
Implement them in your system
And next time when your mind
Is overproducing negativity
Remember our words of love
Words to help you to reveal the best of yourself

Stick to your egos is comfortable
That is what you learn during life
That is what you live during life
That is what makes you feel secure in life
But it is rather the contrary
Believe us. It makes you insecure
It makes you doubt. It makes you feel imbalanced
It even can make you sick if you
Are not able tot stop your negative thinking
Your negative thought and mindset

We don’t want you to be sick or imbalanced
Out of control of your true self
We want you to be aware of your ego minds
Maybe we have to emphasize
You have to live your hearts and souls
As they proclaim positivity
Live in the now
Not in the past, not in the future
If you want positivity in your life
You might rather get rid of your false sense of security, the ego

Live that hearts and souls for happiness and positivity in your lives🙏💗🙏

Chamuël and Zadkiël