The source of your being

Open the door
The door to your heart
You can always find your soul
In the chambers of your heart
As your heart is the seat of the soul
Your loving soul

If you are receptive to listen
To listen to what your heart and soul
Keep on telling you
Over and over again
That they know the way
You just have to rely on this knowledge

In the stillness of your being
Listen carefully
To what the soul whispers to you
As the voice of the heart and soul
Talks without using language, called the intuition
Just the language of Love and Light

Only with your heart
You can find your purpose
Your purpose in life
As the ego can’t hear
The inner voice of your being
It is of a great importance to be heart minded!

If you keep on sharing
Yourself behind your mind and ego
You will never be able to find your life mission
Yes mission! To live your talents and gifts
Not only for your own happiness
But the main reason is for the greater good

As the universe wants you to live your soul
Always! That is your task in life
Your assigned universal purpose
We insist on living your qualities and talents
In fact we are convinced if you live your dreams
You will radiate so much Love from within

As in the source of your being
Your loving, loving soul
A soul headed for purity and Love
You can let the Love and Light burn
But you have to enflame your life sparkle first!
To glow, shine and sparkle your Love and Light

Try to find your life purpose!
Open the entrance to your being
The source of who you actually are
The true essence of your being
And find the authentic you!
The way your soul wants you to be

Once you have found your source
And live your soul as you supposed to do
According to the plan of your soul
You will find your way
We will promise that
And we are there to help you

Love yourself! Love your being
Love the universe! As all is Love
Love the Love and being loved
Radiate your Love!
Sow Love and reap Love
Harvest as much as you can

Love, Love, Love!
That is all what is
Love is all what there should be
Love is the most profound loving feeling you can live
Love yourself and nurture your being with lots of Love
Live by the Love, Love what you do and spread the Love

That is all what we want. That is all we wanted to say
Be aware that Love always matters
Whatever you do.
As Love is the motor of existence.
Soak Love into your lives and let your heart, soul and being be guided by Love
As we, your loving universe, will help you to find your way and to live your souls

We have the blueprint just in front of us
Therefor we know were you’re going as soon as you have opened the doors to your hearts
As Love is all, as Love is one of the two pillars of our dimension, we proclaim and pronounce that Love is everything you should live
As Love is all what matters in your earthly lives
Be aligned with the Light and Love of our dimension and you will always find your true, unique path

Don’t hesitate, be insecure of have fears
We know you will
But we, many light beings of our loving dimension, will help you along your way
You do not need to walk this unknown and insecure path alone
We are there to assist you, to help you, to comfort you, to carry you, to advice you and we even smoothen your path to make it all easier for you
As we want you to live your life purpose

That is our main goal. You can say that is our universal task
To convince you of your loving path in life
Living the unique plan of your soul!
As the blueprint of your soul is laying in front of you
You just have to pick it up and follow it.
But we have to emphasize once more that if you live by your ego’s and are leaded by your ego’s through earthly life, you aren’t able to ‘receive’ and find the map of your soul
The only way to find it and to take it in your hands is to open your heart and you will find it there

Is that so difficult, dear child of Love and Light?
As the heart, living by your truthful and loving heart, has to be lived
With all its positive emotions, feelings and great attractive characteristics like compassion, kindfulness, loving humanity, caring for each other, helpfulness…
Do we have to go on? You know what we mean
Live your lives as you’re meant to live them
As the most loving creature you can be
Enflame your inner Lights, your inner flowers of Love and spread this profound Love and be the source of Light and Love!

Radiate, spread and sow Love

Be aware in live in this great consciousness:

That love is all there is!

Your universe has spoken, the dimension of Love and Light
Given words by the brothers of Love.

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love, by Irmgard