The soul parts molding together for eternity

The consistent belief of what you think about humanity isn’t there. In the unfolding state of the mind you evolved in a state that you think you are but in the counter effect of being the fact is that you aren’t. You aren’t your mind. You aren’t your body.

In the exquisite resemblance of the equal eternity of your soul is that you are sprouted from the stardust in a constantly subordinate awareness of the energetic blast of stardust where you came from. You are  a soul in the first place and your soul consists consistently soul parts of all its evolving, dimensional states. You aren’t just a humanly soul you are an universal soul beyond everything.

In the revelation of who you actually are the distinction between those souls, who are diverted into another to bring the evolutionary frequential state of the dimension where you are in,  about to make a change are diverted into several parts. These parts consist the energetic offspring of their rooting in the first place all tightly attached to the original encountered seeds of the universal existential truth. Your strings of love and your strings of light. The only distinction there is between you humanly souls is your uniqueness resemblance within these fields of recognition between souls. The underlying recognition of souls who match the same frequency.

As all is agreed before you even set but on your earthly dimensional grounds there was an agreement about multiple assets of your existence. This existential, authentic, truth is meant to last for eternity and in your soul DNA you will carry these assets until the end of the eternal questioned evolving state of the energetical awareness. As there is an underlying plan and even a contract too you might have diverted and secluded in one or multiple soul parts with another. To bring your soul in its highest evolving state of the soul. In the longing to get back to its own soul parts it will likely do anything to ‘search’, an energetical search, to get this recognition and supplemented universally arranged meeting in the submerge of this longing. This longing is an universal coherenced energetical longing in the frequential submerged DNA plan of your particular soul.

In the extraction of your soul, its plan and the divert equality in the past lies the missing concept, the longing concept and the recognition concept in the field. The earthly working field. You aren’t set birth to walk your humanly race but you are far more likely set birth too to make a contribution with your unique soul walk, walking its predestined, path in the beginning to the greater plan. The greater common good of all. Your extra-mutated soul walk is all prearranged and set into its own unique cadres of your plan and, if this applies to your soul, a contract too.

You are a multiple compatible soul and your soul might be headed towards the unification of other soul parts and these contributive aspects of soul coherence isn’t for your good but for the evolving good of all. In the end. As the common gatherings of all predestined souls will flow into the oneness of the previsioned and predestined plans of beings there is no such thing as you can force these connections into to the earthly dust to live itself. When the particular soul is touched by the purity of equality on the frequential resonance there is just a plan to follow and even a contract to apply for. You can’t just say that you want to live your other soul part or parts when that is not the kind of thing the universe has foreseen. Maybe the touching effect, the undelaying and underneath energetical contribution to the evolving state of these souls was just enough to get those beautiful energetical blasts uplifted and coherenced in energy. You just have to be aware of these particular way of soul existence.

You might think you live a humanly experience, and that you are a human after all, but the fact is that you are living a soul experience… after all and nothing can be forced in this conceptual state of being…

Love, Irmgard

Irmgard Daanen