The seven promises of God

1. I will be with you!
2. I will protect you!
3. I will be your strength!
4. I will answer you!
5. I will provide for you!
6. I will give you peace!
7. I will always Love you!

As God is in each one of us…
With all the purity, Light and Love there is
All these qualities are already within us…

• At birth we were as pure as we could be, seen in the Light and Love. As God is the unification of Light and Love we can find this Love and Light inside our inner beings as well. We can connect with our hearts and souls, as the seats of Love, Light and pureness, and be with yourself all the time as a being of Love and Light
• Nourish your body, heart and soul and protect yourself through caring and Love. In Love you will find the greatest assistance, help and support in life
• Rely on your inner strength. It’s bigger than you can imagine. All the life issues, you have or had to deal with, will make you stronger and stronger. Just take the lesson from it and move on
• All the answers you seek you will find in the stillness. Just listen to your inner voice, named the intuition. The most truthful inner source you will ever have
• When you take care of yourself with Love, you connect yourself with your heart and soul the essence of your being becomes clear. If you start using your God given talents and qualities and follow the path of your soul does want you to follow you will provide everything you need for yourself. The universe will help you further with synchronicities and abundance
• Real (inner) peace starts with you. With the love you feel for yourself. When your heart is aligned up with your adaption, the earthly body including the mind, you are in balance. In peace with yourself. You will experience peace in your life. When there is peace, there is Love around. When there is Love around there is peace. Love will spread itself so quickly as a drop on the water surface
• As our whole universe is Light and Love, the other dimension is based on the pillars Light and Love, Love is always there. In our hearts and souls. So Love yourself first and be Loved. As Love is all there is

Love, Irmgard