The remembrance of what was

The dominant belief where you are into is the misleading concept of being. Experiencing is feeling not thinking. In this awareness, after thinking myself rather full of self-pithiness and distraction of the current situation, I convinced myself that whatever I might think of the demolition work next door won’t influence my daily experience. In the nuisance and shocking falling concrete, falling into pieces and smashed into smaller pieces I held on to my thinking of old soul pains that I was insecure and I felt unsafe in my own bed.

This misconceiving conception of where I am, where I was and in the misunderstanding why the universe led me to such a place, in the contractionary thinking that I would flourish more in a house in the woods rather than being on a business site conquering daily, last weeks, with the demolition of something what used to be.

To be or not to be that is certainly the question. Do I want to be anxious, full of anger that I live here, or do I take the challenge knowing, rather, feeling, that it is all for the best. Soul best. In the misthinking of this morning, feeling that all the nuisance, all the trembling of my house by the falling of big pieces of concrete next doors, I instantly felt that the insecurity, the fear of the actual standardization of my being is not something I live nowadays but it was a remembrance of what was.

We are all born, almost certainly all, with a ‘fresh’ soul package. A backpack of former lives, life-forms and existences. The anxiety I felt wasn’t mine, not currently mine, as I compared the feeling of this morning of being in a war zone. Seeing these images, sheltering myself, I got grip on the situation feeling that what I was living now was a reflection, a soul remembrance, of something I lived before.

Sometimes the universe touches your soul to feel the pains of a former life or lives to refeel this ‘wound’ on your soul again to refresh this pain point. In the forgetfulness of who we actually are we often do not feel that our personality is also build on these soul spots and that a action, a feeling, a remembrance can be based upon this former eligibilities.

The touching concept is an universal concept and only when the soul is touched it can clean up its pains and once this cleaning has worked out the space will be filled with new things as the universal stream of energetical love and light can move through this former dark spot on your soul.

We are all a gathering of energy settled in a humanly body, read vessel, and once you understand the meaning of your soul, soul path and soul life you just instinctively know that all what you process out in this life, will be cleaned up for all what will come hereafter. In this realization I turned my anxiety into acceptance of the situation and I fell asleep and the nuisance trembles like a little noise on the background… It is all about the attention you give to it… or not. Feeling in the moment gives clarity…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen