The path of love(lessness)

The path of love is a miracle
A miraculous way
To attach energetical strings
To bring them together
To a ‘clutter’
Of energetical love vibrations

Love heightens your frequency
Of your loving being
Love is necessary to obtain
The highest energetical state of being
Of awareness into the flabbergasted reality
Called life
Life into the earthly dust

Awareness of your beloved being
Is the greatest gift of humanity
We lack consciousness
We vibrate on energy through the universe
Energy of love, energy of light
Thick energy flows
Highways of love
Highways of light

Love is really important in the universe
In your dimension
But also in our dimension
It gains the highest state of relief
It enlightens your being to the most
Evolving state of existence of souls
The enlightenment

We insist on love. We proclaim love
Therefore. That is our purpose
To let your souls evolve into divine reality
Into the divine realm of love
Called the Spirit world
Lack of love in your existence, in your being
Means for us (and for you) an unstoppable
Break through your evolvement

In divine order we have to insist, to pronounce
To proclaim love. Every earthly day again
We are messengers of love
Messengers of light
We sow with sparkles of love
We sow with sparkles of light
We are representatives of the dimension of love
Of the dimension of light
We insist on love
We insist on light
As feed for your being
As feed for your evolvement

Lacking love, lacking light
Is as not feeding yourself
This lovelessness is a disgrace for your being
A shame for your soul
If you deny love in your life
Your earthly presentation of your being
The energetical consciousness of the essence
The mixture of being you

Don’t deny love
Don’t deny light
Surrender to it
Into the divine subordination
We do not reveal yourself anymore
If you don’t surrender to the greatest
Energetical radiancy there is
Make sure you understand what we mean

Race, age, hetero, homo, bisexual
It doesn’t mean anything to us
Universally seen it’s a ‘blast’
To ignore your feelings of love
Don’t weight yourself down
With earthly opinions
About love
What love should be

Love can be lived in all facets of life
Who are you to deny love as
The ultimate state of your being?
The beloved creature you are
Driven by love. Driven by light
A compound of gatherings
A human ‘clutter’ of a loving energy

Live love. Live it. Don’t put walls around you
Let yourself, and your path, not be determined
By the opinions of others
Of your human society
Love is always as itself: love
Forget age. Forget standards
Forget everything
You learned about love
The only thing we ask is: always
But always maintain your morality
As love cannot be forced
Love is always voluntary

Be loved
Love your being
Nurture it with love!
Live love with the heart & the soul
Get rid of the ego thoughts of love
Love must always be felt
In the heart. In the soul.

Zadkiël & Chamuël

Love, Irmgard