The next step

The strengthened belief in all is that everything will unfold itself as it should be. As it is meant to be. The more you believe, the vast occupation and determination in your heart and soul, that something is about to enfold and enroll itself is quite an understanding of how this works.

The greater the belief, the more the universe is willing to put you forward on its foreseen path and in the tangible belief and in the heartful gratitude there is a perceptive invitation to the universe to set you free of the burdens of the miscellaneous mind what makes you shiver, asking and wondering when and how things will start to happen.

You are on your way and the moment you set foot on your soul path you were helped enormously to step forward in the rising concept of your own plan. Universal plan and, if this applies to you, contract too. In your disbelief and in the mist of the mind you will hold on, stick to the old and limit the universe to do their thing. To deliver what is yours.

The moment you feel what is happening, that the outcome is still not showed and you do not feel what steps to take you have to withdraw yourself of your mind and its nagging preferences. The fear of the old will stick to you and will block the new things to be entered.

How to get rid of those thoughts, fears and limitations is not ours. Nevertheless the moment you ask for our help we will definitely help you to ease your mind burdens and to give you confidence about where to go and what step(s) to take. The inner feeling is hereby a great tool and the action, the steps on behalf of your soul, should be taken, based on your feelings and not on your mind.

The fear of all is to let go. The thoughts of not being, of disbalance and of that there is nothing ahead. There is always something in front of you that you might not see, feel or hear. The knowing is still an inner confidence and should be build up against the fears, the everlasting anxieties of the mind.

Pick up what is yours. Feel that and you have to believe that something great lies just in front of you. But you are unable to see that, feel that and visualize that. In the hiccups of the mind, as we told so, lies the delay, the postponed outcome and only in these vast limitations you will not be confirmed into your inner knowing’s, feelings and wisdom. It is your own confidence what lacks the tool and that is, excuse us for saying, not ours.

Start believing, start receiving! Start feeling, start knowing. Start visualizing, start manifesting. The manifestation of your wishes is always one step granted away. Only one granted by your own belief, own inner confidence feeling and inner knowing’s. Just be secured in that and about that.

Love, the universe