The necessity of self-care

Insight and clarity in your own needs is an advantage to take care for yourself. Every time you are set back on your feet by life itself, by your humanly body… is a sign to take it easy and to take steps on behalf of your self-care, self-love and wellbeing. The moment you feel, know this, sigh this it is an enormous challenge to get a grip on self to actually taking steps in the prosperity of your being. Wellbeing.

No one stands on its own and  even you believe that you stand on your own this has no means, no meaning as you are all part of a greater substantial good. Part of a family, group of friends, work team. Maybe someone is depending on you, or more than one soul. The neglectance of being might cause you harm as you do not give your pains, sorrow and perhaps grief too the rest (time of being) they need.

You are man, made by stardust, but this doesn’t conclude that you are robotized in your feelings, pains or grief. You all carry that in your soul, in your humanly vessel and although you might stand on your feet and have the ability to go on and on this might, however  someday cause you a setback in being. You are materialized to forget your feelings, pains and everything you carry along.

The most outstanding belief is that you are so aligned with your humanly self that you have the capability to feel what is living inside yourself to give this room, living space and the possibility to unleash itself in the time you take for being. By giving yourself rest, moments of retrievement, a pause or pauses. Whatever you need to unleash you of the burdens of the past, build in this or former lives.

You are not what you see, what you do but what you feel. Deep inside yourself. Take time to reflect on that and take steps to undo yourself of everything what weights you down, what has to be processed or carried out to give yourself more inner space of being. Rest is evidently the main action to take and every moment is one. You do not need to go on and on. For whom? For yourself? It is often the thinking what pushes you forward.

Maybe some won’t understand what you are passing through, have to deal with but I have learned that every step you take on behalf of your inner self is one step you take for others too. As we are all interwoven in energy, as mentioned, by family and so on you are the one to take your own lead. Not in a robotized way of moving on, running that rat race. On the contrary. Start feeling! What you need. What do you need to carry on? To change that old patterns, that former dynamics and perhaps life-style too. Feel it. Don’t think it. In silence, in stillness and feel in your own inner reflection time what suits your well-being…

Love, Irmgard