The necessity of being humble

Humbleness is great
It is awesome
We are fond of humans who are humble
We despise ego arrogance
As arrogance is the best way
Of hiding yourself
The truthful you
The inner golden sun

We like you to shine. Always
But the ego veil of arrogance
Makes the visibility misty
Troubled also and unseen
Why a wall of arrogance?
You think you are worthy?
Far more than others by putting
An ego fence around you?

We look right through your misty clouds
Of vain. Of unworthiness
And the lack of self confidence
We look straight through into your inner being
Into your soul and we see the poverty in it
You are so poor inside that you put walls
Fences and layers of bricks
As a huge, unbreakable shield around you

But……. We SEE you. We watch you
So do others
We see you struggling
We see you fighting against the human
Outer form of acknowledge
We notice your lack of soulfulness
The whole universe does
The light beings we mean
But many, many humans as well

Who are you fooling?
Not us. Not the hypersensitive, intuitive souls
Earthly souls we mean
They look straight through you as well
Times are changing
Many hearts are opened and souls are lived
You with you veil of arrogance and unknowledge
Will be in the future of your dimension
A rarity. A black taurus
Between all that lovely earthly sheep

Our ‘master’ is the shepherd of all sheep
All earthly sheep
He does it very well, we must say
He has a great task to fulfill
But don’t forget among that sheep
He won’t tolerate a taurus between his cattle!
You are ‘warned’. You will be soon alone
A lonesome arrogant bull
A unhandled taurus between lovely sheep
Sheep of light and love

Love, Irmgard