The naked truth about Adam & Eve

In the nuisance of the trembling activity on board, side board, of my walking path, my existential home nowadays, every nuisance overwhelms my inner being. The input is, nevertheless, not less. It is increasing on the level of extremely alignment. As I worked hard, internally seen, the stream of universal energy flows through my soul as never before.

In the overwhelming of all, that activity, nuisance and whatever I know and feel that I have to take care more than ever for my well-being. As this stream, universal flow, is my highest goody to accomplish and give to others, I just feel, in my senses and veins, that it certainly is time to take a good care of myself.

This morning I got some words about the Adam & Eve paradise and I understood immediately, also it was told to me and showed in pictures, words and every feeling you can get, that we all live in paradise. The paradise of our own creation. The apple, that shiny blossoming thing, just wasn’t the misleading concept of that story. It was as it was ever there and it will ever there. It was represented as the soul and also an apple is ‘rotten’, not shiny or not blossoming in its own colors, there is nothing there to the misconception of thought that once you reach out for the apple, despite its state of being, the resembling fact is yours, you are allowed to bite in it without being throwed out of the paradise.

The duality of the snake, the higher sensibility of the dark but even the higher wisdom, is provoked to mislead you in your own concept. All the dualities are at stake in your Adam and Eve constellation of being. The package of what your are in. It isn’t about the package, it isn’t about what you present and it even its isn’t about that (state of) apple. It all is about the process of being and in the misleading factor of that you aren’t allowed to grab, reach out or set your teeth’s into that wealthiness, that shape of state what is presented to you, it never is and it never shall be that you are thrown out of your own paradise.

The genesis of all, the rolling factor of this outburst, humanly influenced story is all about the grip, the power, the authority to keep mankind in range, in the control and in the setting. The fact that the universe showed me this story about the incorrection of its narrations and biographic means it only shows us that we are all in paradise with our own apple to dive into.

There is no seclusion that once you touch, grab, or reach out to your soul, its means and its secluded mission that you are throwed out of your own shaped paradise in your humanly form. No Eve, no Adam will ever be placed out the concept of your peculiar, unique, essential self. The graphic, energetic, field you are in.

As the processes aren’t paradise like sometimes we aren’t set in a flowering rose garden to only pick the roses. If everything was all right we never were able to grow into our own light, our own being, in our soul. As all concerning states of evolution are meant to let us grow in our unique enlightened there is no misconception about we are all Adam’s and Eve’s on our particular path in the universal shaped energetic magical paradise. And that is what we have to understand. No genesis, no synopsis and no one can seclude, exclude us for walking this path.

Certainly be aware that our own garden, universal garden never has boundaries. The only boundary we shape are the one we create with our minds. Remember that when you want to grab your apple and give it a big, unique, bite. Bon Appetit!

Ps. I wrote this text listing to my favorite playlist to let the outside noise out.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen