The mixture of life

Life is a great challenge
To stay in the here and the now
To focus you on your goals
Perhaps the purpose of your soul
Trying to be happy every day
Living al that harsh things
Coping with life itself
What life (the universe) throws at you

Maybe it is even difficult
A challenge
To find your balance
In the overflow of the abundance
Because that is life too
We know that
Are aware of that
As our awareness is nothing
Compared with your conscious state of mind

Life is a mixture of many (complicating) things
A gathering of living all facets of life
From the happy moments to the deepest pains
And in between there is balance
The steady perfection of your being
In the here and the now. The present
It is never so difficult
When life swipes you from the highest mountain
Into the deepest cave of your inner being

You have to live that too
Life isn’t only love, light and happiness
Living only the best times of your being
Life is also facing reality, your trueness
Your worthiness and loving matters
Between pains, sorrows or even sickness
But that is what it is
In this mixture of universal overflow
You have to find your balance
The steady ground of your being

Even love can swipe you of your feet
We know that. We are aware of that
We notice that in energy
Especially when it is deep, deep soul love
It can make you so imbalanced
From the top of the mountain of love
To the moon and back
And also, as said, everything in between
But that has to be lived too
Due to the gathering of moments
The outcome of universal plans and more

Surrender to the mixture of life
Once you go with the flow in submission
You ease your path, you make life easier
It always turns out completely different as you think
That’s right. As you think with your ego minds
You have to feel. Deep inside your inner being
Your soul, to know and understand what is true
Life and love aren’t predictable!
You have to go with the universal flow (of energy)

That is really the best to do
Live life in surrender
Live love in surrender
Live the mixture of life in surrender
Follow your true path in life in surrender
Please do surrender
Make your life more easy, more comfortable
Harsh times are over once you set foot
On your energetically highway of the strings of love
Of the energetical strings of life

Life has always its difficulties
We understand that but once you set foot
On the path of surrender, on the path of your soul
Things, life matters we mean, will be more easy
Once you start accepting the mixture
The gathering of life moments from the top to the depth
You are able to maintain your energy within
And with this (re)gained attitude
Our favorite universal behavior
You will understand that even in the life mix
You can surrender, live and love

Zadkiël and Chamuël