The miracle of love

Love is a miracle
When two souls meet
On a very deep level
A soul level
There is a recognation
From soul to soul
There is an unbelievable attraction
Between two souls
On soul levels

The bond is so strong
They are so connected
That they actually miss each other
And this attraction
Can affect your daily, earthly life
You feel the connection
Sometimes you feel it so deep
That you sigh and that it is difficult
To hold yourself together
And do the things you have to do

It can affect you so much that you can’t sleep
Or even it keeps your thoughts so busy
That you can’t imagine
Especially for someone who never
Experienced this before
It is the miracle of love
When two souls are meant for each other
To live the love into the dust
Managed by us
All written down in the universal soul plans
Of the two earthly souls involved

When you actually meet such soul
There is a strong bond just from the beginning
From the moment you meet
You get along very smoothly
You like each other without reason
It is like ‘coming home’
When the other ‘half of the soul’
Meets it’s opposite half
One part meets the other part

It is not necessarily
That you recognize your soul part
From the beginning
Sometimes there is recognition from the start
Sometimes it is later in the process
Nevertheless there is a moment you know
You know by feeling
And if feeling is not ‘your thing’
There will be a moment that you will realize
This is your eternal opposite part
Your ‘flame of the soul’
What makes your soul feel like burning
Dying to be together
Eager to reunite these soul parts

Soul attraction is for someone who doesn’t feel it
Or has never felt it before
Hardly to explain
This miraculous love
Is unbelievable deep
Deeper than deep and it goes further
Than any conscious mind can imagine
Soul loves often have to be lived
The reunion, the gathering of the unification
We mean in energy
Energetically spoken

Is always for the greater good
To send ripples of love out
On a miraculous way into the universe
So that other souls can benefit of the sparkling
And magic energy of the love birds
Connected on a deep soul level
Isn’t that magic?
We like magic
We like miracles
We are the wonder world of the universe
The magic world of wonders
Of miracles of love
The magic, miraculous world of love

As souls in love have to be reunited
We will do everything
No limits are there to make the effort
Especially when this love is anchored
In soul plans
To make this ove come true
We are there to help
We are there to arrange
We are there to reunite
But we have to deal with you people
And sometimes it will cause delay
As anxiety or fears (mind related) come in

But any delay, is no delay
Because there is no time here
We do not know waiting
Because there is no time here
To surrender to love is the greatest part
Of your process
And when it is universally seen ‘time’
Your love will be lived
Souls be will be reunited
All according to plans
All according to soul contract(s)
All according to the universe
The miraculous world of love
Never forget that!

Love, Irmgard