The meaning of life

The subsequent meaning of life is the one you live by the mind. The ego mind. The derelict meaning of life is often the life you dream about, the life you long for and where the passion is or itches. The purpose of life is the one you live by the heart, by the soul and far away never a single thought, meaning or navigation of the mind.

That is exactly what goes wrong. It is not a matter of believing the relics of the past, the anxiety you carry along neither the backpack what holds you back. We all have our singularity and this means that nothing is so peculiar than living, fearing and reoccupating your own pains, past and fears. This is all driven by the ego mind and the exact moment you dare to leave this idea of living behind you can dive deeper in the universal purpose of your unique soul.

There is no standard book, handbook nor lead to guide you to your purposed life. It is the nagging of the mind what perhaps hold you back, the anxiety to start all over or complete something new it also might be the comfort of your current situation, life or conveniency that keeps you where you not belong. The big dive inner wards starts when you can leave the mind behind and start focusing on the inner longings, feelings and passion.

This leads to my personal life. Someone asked me recently what makes you choose the spiritual path? I blinked with my eyes and thought did I choose my current path? No, I didn’t and my answer was that I was leaded to my current path. Even when I wouldn’t have followed those leads the universal guidance would have confronted me with all what I needed to have conquered my mind about “the spiritual path” and leaded me straight away to what was meant for my soul.

My meaning of life is even now not clear. I write, give people words, I draw. I sparkle my light, my goodies and loving soul around. It keeps me rather busy I must say. Nevertheless, I feel this is my passion, my eagerness to do this has become as a matter of fact a way of living. My compliance isn’t mines and all I need is or will be supplied by the universe. Even all the lessons I have to learn. I do not work for anyone. I work for the greater good and although this doesn’t fill my pockets nor wallet until so far this does not keep me off following my spiritual path further.

The meaning of your existence can only be felt deeply inside and as I say that the meaning, the purposed you, can be found inside yourself it is hardly a chance that you will find it besides yourself. Or with your mind. The universe doesn’t promise our humanity rose gardens, does not fulfill easy lives but it guarantees you that the moment you fulfill the purposed you by the heart and the soul nothing is less, nothing is boring anymore and it will push you directly into your prophesied meaning of your life. This can’t be searched, bought nor planned by the ego mind.

Love, Irmgard