The magic of the Phoenix

When the magic of the universe starts to interfere with you, in your accepting belief in the outstanding great magical wealth of that same universe, there will be a great magical source exposed to you. The universal magic is enormous willingly to expose and expand its magic on behalf of your soul self. Once your source have been opened into the wellness of its own extravagant, existential truth there is no way back only the way forward.

So it is with the magic and the exposition of the magical energy can be felt, seen, heard but also be smelt into fragrances of belief, of exposure, of existence. Once touched into the radiance of the universal magic you will be surprised like never before. It will move you, expand you and it will be surprisingly effective on your existence, soul existential truth, too.

The universe is quite willingly to show me its magic and even when my greatest doubts, humanly doubts, come in I feel quite overwhelmed sometimes what the universe shows me, wants me to learn and in the evolving process, my unique evolving process, it uses almost everything to get me moving into my souls prophesy of being and to flourish like never before.

For a week now I smell during day and night, in my car, being outside, in my working room and many other places a nose filling fragrance like gasoline. Yesterday in the just fixed car of my son (even when I already know what this means) I thought well maybe the car isn’t fixed properly. This was my first humanly reaction on the gasoline damp I smelled yesterday. Knowing better than that as the meaning has already been felt, told and be known.

My sparkle is since last year a bit low and the divine timing is there to put some gas on the soul gear, some wood on the inner stove and the universe brings me some universal input by smelling something like gasoline. As my paranormality is increasing rapidly again. By every time my soul has had an uplift in energy by meeting people, being touched into my core by everything what can be used to be touched. Going deeper and deeper I am also aware that by processing so deeply last years layer for layer has been removed, peeled off and the more my soul is ‘cleaned up’ the more energy, the universal energetical stream, can move through my soul. And that improves my skills in the Clair seeing, Clair hearing, Clair knowing, Clair smelling and above all my frequency of attunement with the universal source of Al. (All).

My inner fire is burning more since I smell the gasoline, I am more dedicated and once for all I moved into a personal coaching -one to one- project to remove all that inner blocks what hold me back from shining, to be as I ought to be, universally seen, and to do what I am here for. To shine my unicity and to bloom like never before with my soul. I am rising like a Phoenix and all on behalf of my precious soul.

In the meantime I try to take my rest as good as possible and remember myself that I can only jump forward in the rising of my own Phoenix as I take a good care for myself. As the universe is helping me to rise into the transformative self it also takes moments of reset, readjust and refuel by taking the best possible way a pause so now and then and nurture my being in the pit-stops I am about to take. Living is giving but also taking pauses in the settlement of being to stay moving into the soulfulness of my soul, its path and its potential. The acceleration is there, but I hold the gear. Always.

Love, Irmgard