The magic of life

The contradictory concept of being is formed by what you think with your head. The most worthy (natural) concept of being is what you feel. Feeling is the basis for taking back the wonder you had as a child and what you can feel, experience and live again.

You are a part, you form a part of the whole, of the great magical universe. The moment you start submitting yourself to the mind and its limiting thoughts, you lose the connection with yourself, with the entire overarching magical good. Little by little and often you don’t even notice it. You are definitely not what you think you are, about who you are and what you came here to do. In the terrestrial earthly regions.

You are, contrary to what you think you are, a soul that is strongly connected to the greater whole, and the moment your connective cords loosen from the universal good, you are less and less connected to the magical wonder within yourself.

You were created as a connected soul. To be able to restore the magical line with the universe, you might first come into connection with yourself and its individuality. As a soul you are incredibly interwoven with all that is and you dance, as a matter of fact, on the energetic cords, the rhythm, of the energetic musical notes of the universe.

The more you reached into adulthood (and started to live the mind more) the less you learned to be able to dance on the magical connection of the universal dance spectacle. You were born as a dancer, soul dancer, and in order to regain your amazement and be able to dance again on the universal energetic music, you may starting to feel what lives inside you.

Do you feel yourself? Do you feel the wonder and can the magical wonder of life still grab you? Can you still dance at all? Or are you so stuck in the dictation of the mind and everything it instructs? Dominated by what is desired or not by your societies? It is an art, an art of living to pick up that chord again so that in the versatility of your being you may be amazed by that tiny thing again and where you no longer support your humanly mind but you align yourself behind your universal soul.

You were born for magic! To marvel in life. Do you feel that inner sparkle that drives you in life? Do you still get excited (as happy as a child) about something small that makes you so intensely happy that you dance into the dawn? What I want to tell you, what the universe wants to tell you is, reach into the magic of yourself and find (rediscover) that which makes you essentially and authentically happy. You are an unique, wondrous wonder and the moment you restore this quality, reconnect with yourself and with the universe, you will see that life will give you more magic. Spectacular magic. That’s what the universe does. It empowers your unification with self. Beautiful right!

Love, Irmgard