The lighthouse time (of being)

It is ‘The time of the lighthouse’ as the wonder of self-revealment is almost touching everyone and anyone. Into the deepest spelunks of being there is always something what lies on soul level, to be conquered, to be washed and cleaned in the love and light of the universe.

As the proclamation of self isn’t the one that you have to vanish alone to be acquainted, remembered into the essential self, there is nothing so stepping forward in the internal personal processes to be embarked and to be unleashed. In your own light. Your own love.

Therefore the universe lanced a big epos in humanity: the transferic times of the lighthouse. To be transferred into your internal carrying (soul) light and to be connected with your loving source of self again. It is no synopsis what stands alone. In fact there is not one euphoric moment so big in the evolution of mankind to be embarked and to be connected with that lighting loving source what carries your existential energy. Your existential, authentic, truth.

No one reached so far in the universe that you can be in luscious dimensions without being connected, uplifted and to be attuned with the soul energy of your personal unicity. You carry your glittering energetic bowl and the moment you will be reconnected with self you will be carried along by and through the universal energies.

The lighthouse time is a schedule what reminds you of your own light and this is pure light. It shines and uncovers all what is hidden, what is painful and what might be not (so) pure at last. It lights its light upon all of us and nothing will be covered, nothing will be washed away (anymore) and there is even nothing what can’t be illuminated.

See the lighthouse, the universal lighthouse, as a shine through, an uncovering light what touches and passes through us all, through any occasions and subjects.  It will reach and touch us directly or indirectly finally all. It is our humanity group mass clarification and everything will be pulled and pushed into the light to be transformed, to be cleared and to be ending up with pureness.

See the lighthouse as a beacon to be drawn to, to hold onto and to be navigated by. Follow the light and nothing can’t be hidden anymore, follow the source and you know your path as it is clear and will be so illuminating that you are so pure that everything is at ease. As living in the pureness of love and light will open up doors, will open up people and will open up everything what needs to be opened once touched by your (inner)light.

Be a beacon for others and reach out by giving your hand, your help and effort to be drenched into the light of the lighthouse. In the lighthouse scheduled universal time. The divine timing of the light what shines and comes through all of us. Finally.

Love, Irmgard