The light in your soul is determined to shine…

You have a stubborn soul. The fact is that it is universally programmed to shine. To set itself into the roller coaster of evolution and give humanity, in your unique way, a illuminative contribution. It don’t need to be big… it is all yours.

We each have a divine moment to be awaken, to be shaken up in consciousness, in starting to feel what you carry inside.

Your energetic bulb carries you. It is not your mind, not your body… it is your internal package, the soul, what drives you into awakeness, into consciousness and into the wonder of life itself.

The moment you feel this unbelievable inner push, this internal itching without thoughts, the longing to change your life and to start chasing your inner dreams, happiness and seeking for a contributive life-fulfillment…  maybe  it is time that your soul is set into its divine timing. The timing to make you aware, connected and in alignation with your sweet, beloved soul.
All set… to light your inner fire.

Love, Irmgard