The light forms itself in purity

The light will not be formed it will form itself. In the disbelief that the universal quantity is able to shape quality in its means and in those who spread the love and light in their heart and souls is miscellaneous when it concerns its ego.

The teaching abilities to spread the love, the light, is an old fashioned concept and the more the “old school” is established to set rules, learning formats and education standards to its vision and old school possibilities, based on meanings and settings of those who are driven perhaps by their minds, ego’s and other humanly standardized settings. The universe pronounces that those souls who bring the light are formed by the universe itself, the ‘new school’ and certainly not by old school formats, disciplines, rules and examination forms. Based on principles what are standardized by a few who might think they had seen the light and think they carry the love inside.

There is no system, guru or whatever so driven away form its original settings as those who are driven by their minds, ego’s and own set rules, dictations or examinations. Formally said, other people cannot make you succeed into being a light bringer or not. It is impossible that courses, school or regulations will bring you to spreading the light. Those possible inputs are only necessary to remember you of who you are, as your soul need or needed to be touched in its core to illuminate yourself first.

We certainly are no visionaries but rather keepers of those plans and contracts and what we see is that humanly souls intend to forget that all what they already carry inside impossible cannot be formed by old school methods, guru practices nor what anyone who proclaims and exaggerates its ego on a self-shaped platform will bring to you.

It is true, it is an universal fact, that the divine timing is set to transform the dimensional wealth into a higher plan, a higher emotional intelligent frequency and that many of you are here to bring the light and serve the love and the light from their heart & soul. There is nothing so eager into a soul that is programmed to serving. Can you imagine that old school methods, learning practices or old fashioned ego ideas might bring you more harm than that it will enhance your universal given practices? That almighty glooming energetic bulb, your soul, only has to be touched on occasional moments. To grow into its prophesy.

Those who are formed by the methods of others, often influenced by ego or self-gaining practices aren’t the one who should teach you to bring the light as your vessel is a pass trough for the universe and its energetic stream. We certainly do not proclaim that all is outdated and not appropriate anymore. We only want to say that the light bringers, the vessels, the universal humanly instruments of nowadays, must be aware that those who proclaim their selves as guru, institute or salvation method for the inner prosperous, intuitive learning, might cause your inner growth more damage than good.

In the moment of processing and the inner you seeks for guidance, to be touched, in your learning core to extract your light and to be remembered in your love just know that feeling is always the answer to everything. Feeling into stillness and into collaboration with the universal wealth there is nothing what you can loose as you dare to rely on those intuitive inner feelings. In the purity of those feelings you can feel what and who resonates and who don’t or doesn’t. Do not be so overwhelmed by names, by institutes, by egos who proclaim that they are the way, the method or salvation for your inner quest. Feel, start feeling and start to feel the resonance of all and everything. That is the most appropriate way to bring you home, to your essential core to bring the light and love to the world.

The universe proclaims no ego, no stages, no regulations, examinations and certificates to its bringers of light. Workers on the field. The earth field. The universe will guide you on your way and the moment you are ready for to be touched, we will awake you on forehand. Do not set your soul apart when the ego drives you or the ego wants to rule your path. Those who bring the light aren’t fed by their ego. They are fed by their soul in the alignation with the universal wealth of being.

As all be cleared, cleared in purity, everything will be freshen up. The dark will be extracted and set apart form the light and as pureness is the highest good for those who bring the love and light into their contract to your dimensional grounds just realize that all will be extracted from ego, from impureness and from old school methods. The new generation of those who bring the light to your regions are highly, telepathically, adapted to the universal energies and will lift up the purity of all. All said by now.

Do not fancy, compare yourself with other bringers of the light as you all are unique and therefore we do not measure in standardizations, in regulations, examinations, rules to live by, love by nor work by. We are mindlessly free and so are those who illuminate your dimensional world, uplift it to a higher plan…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen