The forgotton inner child

The moment you start adapting to yourself, to the needs of your inner self -the soul self- you can start adapting to the world. The real connection with all around you, what is near, begins with the inner embracement of self, the love you give your being and the connection you feel with your inner child too.

There is a sweet little you down inside your being and that little you seeks your love, needs your attention and needs to be nourished. The crucial fact of living, of that rapid society we live in nowadays with all that distractions, is that your junior often is the ‘forgotten child’. The child with its pains, its remembrances and its unwiped tears.

To expand yourself, to externalize your being to the world, you have to internalize first. To sweeten up your forgotten child and its grief. There is no exclusionary seclusion thought about this as the nurturing of your little you needs to be seen. To take care for. To be cradled, to be tendered and to be loved.

All embodied connections start with your own embodiment too. You can’t connect with others when there is pain under the surface. An uttering wound that still hurts. You can avoid this wound, even neglect it but there is no layer so thick that can cover this up forever and the day will come to face the neglecting inner facts. The underlayment of your being, the basis, starts with the recognition of your little sweet child.

For myself, I realize that I have a huge emotional blockade and therefore I barely can’t sing. I struggle with my words. Don’t dare to speak nor sing in public. I realize that now, and in this awareness lies the next step to recognition, I have to dive deeper in myself and have to figure out what holds me back. This isn’t easy and as the universe never promised me a rose garden either there is nothing to hide anymore as I am wringed and almost urged to look, feel and clean up all what still has remained and trembled in pain.

This morning when I had my meditation I noticed my inner child once again. More aware than ever I invited her to come out. She told me that she carried still her pains in silence and was frightened to show herself. I gave her a warm blanket, a cup of chocolate milk and asked her, ‘are you comfortable, warm and okay’? Although she sat in her own world I invited her when she wanted to talk, to have a chat, that I will listen to what she has to say.

In the awareness of the moment, the attention I gave to that sweet little thing isn’t just a flash thing. This is rather an important, essential, moment of the internal processes I deal with. Seeing and recognizing my pains captured and carried in the sweet little -not so happy- junior.

Each step is one and will be followed by other steps. There is no time involved when it concerns soul processes. The fact that I am looking for a coach, course or workshop to liberate my voice is a huge step forwards. It won’t solve my emotional deep pains at once but it sure helps to give expression to my inner child who never had a voice before and this sure will light my being up and light my inner fire when there is more room to be illuminated…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen