The eternal truth of the soul


Do you understand what life is about? Life is about Love we have to say. Nothing more and nothing less. Love is all there is!!! Always! Love is the most profound feeling you can ever have. You can experience. Love is such a beautiful inner awareness. A greatness without any words. Felt in the depth of your beautiful inner being. Love is something every creature, every human being should Live. Without Love your lives are ‘empty’ and without great joy. As Love gives you several different feelings. What kind of feeling you experience with the feeling of true Love is unexpected and unforeseen. When you never have lived real, deep profound Love it is difficult to make a perspective of this kind of Love. You just have to feel it! Therefore we recommend everyone this feeling of Love. Live it, as we say, when you are looking real Love into the eyes! When Love is around the corner please let it in. In the chambers of your heart.


You can’t live Love with the mind. Love has to be lived by the heart! As the heart is the Loving basis of your soul. These two specific ‘qualities’ of your existence, the pillars of who you actually are, define you. You as an unique loving being. A being of Light and Love, measured at the groundings of our dimension. The dimension of Light and Love. The heart is the motor of your being. It actually makes you alive. Without the “pumping and bouncing” heart you couldn’t even exist! As it drives you! It moves you! It makes you alive, ‘kicking’ and be! Be, dear children! Do you know how precious your life is? You are an being. Into the dust. Isn’t really a miracle? You came from stardust into the earthly dust! How miraculous can existence be!?! Don’t ever think you ‘own’ your life. It is a gift! Every single earthly day again. Be aware of that. We want you to live. All this is universally planned. It is written down in the blueprint of your loving en lightened souls. Never ever forget to realize how gifted and talented your souls are. Never ever forget that your birth was universally planned. Never ever forget to actually feel alive. It is not so ‘normal’ as you might think! There lays a whole soul traject ahead! Of evolution.


Let’s talk about your souls! Without souls you lack awareness. Consciousness. What do you have when you only have a body? Nothing! You are just a robot without awareness, without feelings and emotions. All these characteristics of your species makes you a human being. Don’t take that for granted! It is a blessing you are alive! We just say it again, never ever forget that! That is awareness too. Being mindful. Live mindful. Every day again. By the heart and the soul!
But more about your precious, loving souls. Your souls are the typical characteristics who makes you unique. As we have to say that you are all equal in the beginning, all energetically connected too, there is a difference in the uniqueness of your souls. You all have, we said it many times before, special qualities, gifts and talents attached to your souls. These gifts separates you of other souls. But meanwhile you are all energetically connected. We hope you understand what we mean! Bonded by energy flows. In circles. You might think you are an individual, a separate human being. In fact in flesh and blood you are but energetically seen, you aren’t.


The truth about life is grounded in the fact that this energetical connection makes living. Your lives! And it all starts with connection in yourselves. Connection with your soul is, according to us seen in the Light and Love of our dimension, essential. The most essential matter of living. We often see, notice that you aren’t aligned up with yourselves! Your adaption ‘lives apart’ from your heart and souls. Or even worse, you don’t live your hearts and souls at all!!! What a pity, we have to say. As that is the main reason you are put into life. Put into life? Yes, put into life! Your soul needed an adaption to evolve on earth. In your dimension. Without this adaption, the body, the outer appearance of you, your soul couldn’t evolve, live and be into the dust at all!!! Therefore you can understand that they need each other to exist! That is why it is so important, no essential, to have a proper balance between these profound pillars of your being. You have to be aligned up. Your soul has to be aligned up with your body and mind. To live yourself on the highest potential. That is what we want so desperately. That is what we wish for that you all live your highest potential. As the beautiful human being that you are. And you are, as we can say!!! You all came from the dimension of Light and Love and in the beginning each soul had a bright shining Light and pure love in its soul. But along the route, during life, you often intend to forget that when the minds, the ego’s gets in. When they are taking over. At that exact moment you lose also, the more and the more, your connection with our dimension. That is not the intention of your souls. They want to be connected! They need Love, also the Love of our dimension. They need Light, also the Light of our dimension. We must emphasize you all have a bit of connection, but most of you can’t feel this anymore. And even don’t realize this.


When you are high sensitive, of easily influenced by all the energies around you, you might be aware that your being, your soul, can more easily connect with our dimension. Because the energy flow is greater. That is is why you might feel so tired, exhausted or maybe sick or even depressed sometimes. This ‘energy blast’ around you can really blast you off your feet. There is nothing wrong with you. No at all!!! You are a highly sensitive child of Light and Love and our dimension is attracted to your energy flow. You are just ‘a sponge’ who soaks all the energy around you, especially the negative ones. That is why you have to stay grounded, take great care of yourself and don’t lose yourself in this energies who drain you or even can make you sick. When you are highly empathic this can feel the same!
There is huge overlap between being high sensitive and being empathic. The difference is when you are high sensitive you feel the energies, what other people vibrate and resonate, more likely than being an empath. Being an empath you feel the emotions and the awareness of the emotions on a larger scale. This has also to do with vibrations, resonations but a bit less with frequencies. As a high sensitive person you can be drained by people who resonates on a lower frequency. As by empaths it is more about the feelings, the awareness about other peoples vibrations. And less or not about their frequencies.


You might ask. But resonation, vibrations it is all frequencies??? In fact it is but there is although a slight difference. Within frequencies you also can resonate lower and higher. As a high sensitive human being you actually can sense these differences too and as an empath it is only the resonations and vibrations what makes you feel drained, tired or even sick.
If you know the difference whether you are an empath or high sensitive person it can be useful how to act in advance. We can suggest you to remain calm and stay low profile, but that is not what (your) lives is about! Your lives are all about living the highest potential of your soul. To evolve in line with the blueprint of your soul. Because that is what our dimension of Love and Light wants! Always, as we can say so! We can also advice you to stay away of or avoid negative people, drama people, people who aren’t authentic as they aren’t aligned up with their bodies, minds and souls, people who live in the darkest of the earth. But about the last we do not want to talk about. We send out of Love and Light! Therefore we only want to talk about and explain matters concerning Love and Light!


First off all be aware of yourself! See yourself in Love, with self-Love, self-care and being kind to yourself. Realize that you are so worthy and see yourself in respect. Learn to make time for yourself to feed your souls. When you feed your souls, you will radiate more Light and Love and there are natural boundaries towards negativity and darkness. You can feed your souls by being outside in the nature. As nature is pure Light and Love it will send out pure Light and Love. Therefore you feel so good and refreshed after spending time in nature or with animals. But that is often not enough. Move! Moving your body makes that your resonation will be higher. Dance, sport or walk. It doesn’t mind what you do but by sitting on the couch you and your soul won’t feel itself better by sitting and waiting something to happen. Sing! Play or listen to music! This will also increase your frequency. Meditate! As meditation will bring rest and peace to your soul. It will also lift your frequency! And a nice side effect will be that in the stillness of your being, in your inner truth, you can find all the answers you might seek! How nice is that, dear children? You have your own solutions for all the life issues hidden in your inner beings. Just listen to your inner voices! The intuition!!!


But what about you have to say no for an answer! Set you boundaries as a human being. Certainly when you are an empath or high sensitive person! Often you give too much or you will help too much or you just take the energies, you will be soaked as a sponge, around you.
When you feel this is happening just visualize that you put yourself in a cocoon (bubble) of Light or in the spotlight and accept the (sparkles of) Light and Love of our dimension to help you. You can also visualize that you stand under a shower of golden sparkles of Light and Love and that you cover your whole aura with it! How beautiful is that, dear children?!? That you can give yourself a shower of Light and Love just by visualizing it! Let it flow and expand your aura the more and the more. That you take, with your earthly adaption, the space on earth, in your dimension, what is meant for you. That is really important. Light, Love and take the spot in life what is meant for you. Don’t let yourself be drained with all that (negative) energies from others who aren’t actually yours. Be a child of Love and Light and live your own energies in the Love and Light to make sure that you evolve your soul, during your lifetime, properly. That is so important. That is the truth about life. The real, long lasting truth. The eternal truth of the soul.

Love, Irmgard????