The essence of life

How to find your inner Light?

We all have an inner Light, a light that shines from within. As the universe gave our souls a new human body at birth we also received a part of the two important pillars of the other world. Of the dimension of Light and Love. At birth we are as pure and lighten you can ever be as a human being. Due to birthplace, education, life issues and so many other things more we became less and less pure and lightened as we should be. There nothing wrong with that. That is called earthly life. We cannot expect from your souls (and hearts) to be as pure as our souls. Seen in the Light and Love of the divine Light. We are aware of that.
It is important to stay as pure and loving as you can be. We know that when the heart is closed by life circumstances or other life situations the source to Love and Light has been closed. It looks like there is a veil over your hearts. Even when life was so harsh to you, full of pains, sorrows and grief, that there might be a stone on your heart. Or a rock. The entrance to your hearts are closed and your inner source to happiness, joy and cheerfulness has been locked. It is hardly impossible to see your bright shining Light and Love within. That is not what we want. That is not how we have foreseen your lives.
Because the heart, as seat and residence for your soul, should not be cloudy, locked or be closed at all. The purpose of life is to live by the heart. Because when your hearts have been opened you will find your loving souls within. These souls want to be lived too, you know. When you only live your adaptions, your earthly bodies, with your egos (minds) it will be a life in poverty. Poverty in the meaning of Light and Love. Egos are dominating and overruling matters of the heart. That is why we keep on repeating to live your lives by the heart. Because your hearts know the way. The path of your soul.

The heart as the voice for your soul

The heart also speaks to you as the voice of your soul. If you listen carefully and in great silence and awareness too, you can actually hear your heart talking to you. The heart talks by the intuition. Intuition is the voice of the heart. It is not difficult to hear this little voice from within. It is rather easy when you know how to do this. You could exercise this every day. By being conscious about your breath. Your breath, you ask now? Yes, dear children, by your breaths. When you breath lower in your body, around the bellybutton, and you breath slowly in and out you can hear the intuition speaking to you. The more you practise the better it goes. Like everything in life, we should say. Meditation is a great exercise to do. When you practise this every day than you will experience that it isn’t so difficult at all. We advise this to you all. A closed heart can be very painful as you live now your life by the mind. Because the ego, the mind, has a lot of negative emotions. Like anxieties, sadness, pains and so on. The real joyful and happy emotions are lived by the heart. Are coming from the heart. True happiness, as example, is an emotion what comes straight from an open heart. When you start living by the heart you will notice that the voice from your heart and soul begins to speak louder to you. You could decide to let your intuition guide you through life by this truthful voice. Truthful voice? Yes it is. The intuition is the most reliable source you could ever rely on. Because the intuition has nothing to hide from you. It is so worthful and truthful that you can give it a prominent place in your life. Just as your hearts and souls.

The blueprint of the heart

At birth you receive a blueprint, the blueprint of your souls. Every soul, in your earthly dimension as in our dimension of Love and Light, is assigned a task too. Do not think that life is only about playing, heartless ambitions and hanging around a bit. No children, no. If you are driven by such matters you miss the point in life. It is all about living your life in accordance with your souls. Nothing more, nothing less. We cannot emphasise that enough. And we keep on telling this to you. Repeating this over and over again until the moment you start realizing that this is the most essential goal in life. To live the purpose of your soul. For the task you have to live. See the blueprint as a sort of map, route map of your life. Only the main course is written down in it. Each blueprint is unique. This uniqueness is necessary because every soul has its own inner Light and Love. These tasks are differently which matches the place of the soul on our stairway to heaven. That’s another story to tell. In life it is important to know your tasks but as long as you do not live your lives by the heart you will never be able to find your true path of your souls. Because ego minded humans can never be driven by the heart, soul and intuition as they keep their hearts closed.

How to find your way to the heart?

Maybe you ask now, that’s all fine to me, but how can I find this insight to open my heart? Often life forces you over and over again to open your hearts, find your life purpose and start walking on the path of the soul. The soul wants you to follow. With opening your heart itself, you still won’t be able to hear or know what your soul’s task is. For now, in this life. You have for a reason an adaption what came from (star)dust. It has a purpose to fulfill! During the time you are not aware of who you actually are, the essence of your being with all that divine gifts you have. We call it talents, qualities and capacities. All humans have their own natural gifts. It is important to be aware of these talents so that you can use them for your life purpose. If you feel deeply inside you will know what these unique gifts and qualities of you are. These are your dreams. Every human being has a dream or have dreams. Dreams they want to follow. To chase. Often is there the mind (ego) who says well you cannot follow these dreams because of who is going to pay the bills? Can you give up your (comfortable) life so easy? Following your dreams also might ask from you to leave your safe comfort zones. You are uncertain, insecure about the future. What about a failure? Can I cope with mistakes and failures? Do I want to deal with this at all? The ego responds very quickly on these questions. No, I won’t it will say. That is why living by the heart is of a great importance. Really meaningful. The heart will, instead of you ego minded you, chase these dreams. These dreams want to be lived. By the soul too. To fulfill its task. When you are really ready to live by the heart you will feel it. Know this. The intuition is going to work for you. So as we do.

The essence of life

In the whole process of evolving of your soul, that is the higher purpose of living by the heart and living the path of your soul wants you to do, it is not the destination what counts but the route you take does. The destination is inconsiderable. The way you walk your path is significant. To let your soul evolve. As the main reason of life. That is the real essence of earthly life. Your lives. As soon as you start walking on your ‘route of the soul’ you will get help of us. Your whole life long you will be assisted by beings of the Light. Angels, souls from our dimension, guides. They will lead you, support you and be with you along your stay on earth. Sometimes you can actually feel or see us. We will always be around as our dimension is not far away. We live near, between en around you. When you found your path of the soul and you really start walking your, God given, life route we will help you as good as we can. We will assist you more and more on a daily frequently basis. The reason therefore is that when you actually ‘decide’ to follow your dreams and chase them you surrender to the plan of your soul. We are activated and other souls of our dimension will accompany you along the way. To make sure you will follow the path your soul wants you to follow. The path we want you to walk. This is the greatest contribution we can make. We will help you in several ways. By saying things to you. As you know the language of your heart now your intuition hears what we tell you. By meeting people who can contribute to your beings and to your path. We actually ‘arrange’ these meetings. And the coincidences are not coincidences at all! These are called synchronicities. Living by the heart, listen to your intuition and driven by the souls will increase the frequency on what you vibrate in life. This higher resonation will attract synchronicities. How higher your vibration, how greater the ‘coincidences’ you will attract.

Living your dreams

At the moment you live your life as you always wanted to, you will feel a lot happier than before. Your heart is inflamed. As you start to glow inside, your inner child will feel alive as well. The sparkle is there. The life sparkle. When you are motivated by the heart your intention is always pure and full of Love. The inner Light you have, will shine. Along the path of the soul you will shine brighter and brighter. Always try to keep your inner light shine. Nurture and ‘feed’ your souls. Take care of the precious awareness of your inner being. By listening to or making music. Go outside into the nature. Surround you with the purity and loving world of the animals and fauna. Move. Move your bodies by walking, to do sports or by dancing. Sing. Vibrate that body with your own voice. The inner and outer voice. To lighten up your soul on a daily basis. A heart filled with dreams which become true and a loving soul which can be lived, as it is meant to be. This is the greatest Love gesture you can make to yourself, and of course to others. The more you live your life in the Light and with the Love as it imposed to be from the start, the more you can contribute to our world. Everything you do in line of the purpose of your soul will make a contribution “to the greater good”. Living in Love with the bright, sparkling Light you will spread its way like a drop on the water surface. It will spread so quickly. That is the effect of Love. Love is not so fast as the Light but be assured that Love will affect others, beside yourself, in a miraculous way. Love is magical. Love is all. Love is all there should be. That is all about in life. That you live your lives in the Light and the Love as it is meant to be. From the beginning. Make yourself happy. Live your life by your hearts as the heart knows the path of your souls.