The concealing impact of a misty mind

It is a misty day into the veils of my misty mind. I am concealing to it and try to better my life to listen to my soul the more and the more but how greater my exhausting concept of being the greater the mind comes in.

The misty seeing of my window vision, the nuisances and distractions, on the other hand won’t satisfy my inner self but it all is included into my mind settings that it certainly is a blues day. An Autumn off day in my conception. And I feel this in my bones too. Settled as notifications emphasizing my actual state of being. Forgetting how hard I worked this Saturday to help friends…

In this mis conceptive state of being lies the distraction of my mind setting. It is just a visioned feeling of my mind as on the contrary my soul is sparkling, pushing and ready to make those necessary steps to keep it going and moving like it never did before. In the misty veil of the mind, the state I prefer for decades, lies the pattern, the setting of how I live my life nowadays knowing for sure that I won’t contribute to my soul existence keeping on relying on that misty veil, that incompetent universal mind, of mine.

Challenged many times to leave this comfortable mind program, serving me the greatest comfort of being, although it thinks it does. Writing this down feeling again, looking through the window, hearing that distraction of the outer world shared like oversensitive input in my ears and frequency, I just feel I won’t let me drag down by my mind again. Like over and over again.

Considering the means of my earthly input, what I love to do, doing meanwhile what love, writing, listening to soft gentle music, it thrills me when I feel the sensation of my soul by doing what it supposes to do, navigating on its soul existence, to bring my being where it should be. Relying on its greatest potential, my talented me and moving into this direction makes me that I can give up these misty thoughts of today. Putting the veil of my existence into nowhere land and clearing up my cloudy head.

The quality of your thoughts can be highly misleading. Sitting here behind my desk, in a working room on a business site, I can’t hardly imagine that I live here now. Shortly said I can look at my cup of coffee half empty by my veiling mind or looking at it half full feeling it with my soul. The determination of my own free will to decide on this cloudy day, and not only in my mind looking at the weather forecast, to think negative and shelter myself as I intended to do behind my thoughts… or feel into my being the positivity, considering the steps I took what lead me to this desk on this exact GPS location, by my soul self. And this makes a huge difference in the approach how I live my day today…

Keep your thoughts positive be feeling actually into the prioritizing the moment of being considering to look with your mind or by your soul at things, situations or life itself. It is up to you. You decide whatever you live and how you live it. Veiling it with negativity or open minded, positively, with your soul. The change of this awareness into your daily life can be highly effective and have a tremendously impact on your current state of being. Of your life. That is my notification of diving deep in my feelings with my half full cup of coffee….

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen