The christmas spirit is all about sharing your love and light

The Christmas spirit is in all of us. As love dwells in us all. Christmas is love. All about love. Bringing each other the light within us to remember who we are. In the light of the Christmas trees shines the light enormously and the spirit is to keep this going. To spread this around. Illuminating others in the presence of ourself is the greatest gift of us all.

Christmas is about giving. Not actually giving. Although this might be misunderstood as here in Europe we do not have a Santa Claus, as known in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, the real spirit about Christmas is that we unwrap ourselves in our almighty inner light and show us the loving present of ourself to the outer world.

Christmas is the feast of light. Actually the feast of the birth of a great light. The Jesus light. As the goodness and light (of this man) resides in (many of) us too it is our duty to bring this light to the surface and share it. As much as you can.

We are light. The connection of us all is anchored in the universal light. Let the Christmas spirit connect us all without any hesitation, without any obligation and also without any restriction. Love is, love will always be. Love and light. The pillars of the universe are at the same time the pillars of our humanly souls.

Be giving. Be the light. Be the love. Illuminate others as your dashing inner light, the loving asset as you are, may shine not only under the Christmas tree but it may shine forever. Each day. For eternity. As the singularity lies not in the means of presents but lies in the presented light. The light you show, you give and shine to or on others. The love you present, give, show and spread to others.

May your Christmas days be blessed with your inner shining light. Shine as bright as you can and be the loving example of goodness. Bring it on, pass it on and shine it on. Give it freely and be dazzled by your Christmas input. Happy Christmas!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen