The butterfly effect

We are all made to transform as a butterfly into the beauty of ourself. Into our inner wealthiness to unleash the ‘ugliness’, the old pains and grief of our souls, to transform into the most outstanding, astonishing butterfly there is. Your unique transforming capability to show the world your authentic colors. The pallet of your universal uniqueness.

You are made to transform, to evolve in your highest potential formalities, universal formalities, and become your truth, your unleashing inner truth. It is quite an understanding and quite a challenge to show the world your talented unicity, carrying its own beautiness and colors, but as this is meant to be the universe will give you all the opportunity and help beyond measurement. It is so extremely helpful to dig your truth, to transform your hiding shields into extra-ordinary wings so that you are, will be, able to fly your own unique path. The path of your soul. We all walk that path in some or another way, one or another day.

So did I. Quite tired of the life-changing changes of my particular path I am ready to spread my wings and the universe is quite reluctant and promising about spreading my wings, the unicity I hold and may carry out to others. The next period of being. Nothing is certain anymore and the past four years this will be, as I sold my house again, the fourth movement into nothingness, nothing land of knowing, to take steps on behalf and in advantage of my soul, soul life, soul being and soul experience.

The more I resisted, the more I resist now, the greater the chance that it will take some time to practice what I have learned over and over again to grow in the prophesied meaning of my soul, its potential and its foreseen path. They say I have free will, and that is as it is and very likely but in the several possibilities they keep on serving the only choice I can and will make is that of my heart and soul. Therefore free will is highly exaggerated that is my opinion as my soul chooses and I don’t. So I am heading a big life change again and I am on the move. Again.

I unleashed many, many burdens and all that layers had hidden my wings for decades and once it is time, divine time of getting those wings unfold itself and flutter them little by little by taking tiny steps -like a young child what is trying to walk- I step forward with those transformative wings the universe gave me in my enfoldment and evolvement of being. I carry those wings now and they are rather heavy, it is searching my way into the prophesied outcome. In the meanwhile I kept on going and going and I was almost crushed on my path. As it heaviness weights me down and in order to get going, taking advantage of those wings and the leap what is right ahead of me I gave myself a few days’ rest.

I gave myself… well that is not quite true. I felt when I keep on doing what I was doing, running, giving and not taking a good care for myself would be like asking the universe to set me back in my life, working field and in the evolvement process of showing my wings to the outer world. Moments of rest are very rare, hardly known, but the next step -carrying my wings- does slow me down a lot. Feeling when I carry on like this it is most likely that my burn out will come back. Heavier, more worse and deeper than ever.

Yesterday, just when I sat a few moments with a magazine outside in the spare sun of the moment a butterfly, a peacock butterfly, landed on my right hand and stayed there for several minutes. Experiencing the butterfly it felt like a confirmation of what I felt before. Instantly feeling that the time of collapsing is over and the moment of spreading the transformative divinity has come. The moment of stepping forward after years and years of introversion. As that was necessary to become whole. To expand in my wholeness to align with self and connect with my higher self.

After minutes of sitting in tranquility the peacock butterfly flew away. Some moments later it landed on my magazine and I felt on a deeper level the confirmation that the moment of being has come to spread those magnificent wings. Evolvement is growing, growing in the inner wealth, the inner beautiness of being and its transcendental meaning is always right in front of you. As you carry those wings from the start you have to become whole again to transform like a caterpillar to a butterfly to be meaningful to yourself. To the world. As those wings do not only carry yourself, your soul beauty, but also its potential and its foreseen universal flight…

Love, Irmgard