Let love be your life medicine

When you have sorrows, griefs or pains
The past left its marks and scars
You can repeat your pains over and over again
This will make you sad, depressed or
It brings you in a imbalance between the past and the present
We can tell you, dear child, that there is nothing
So painful than holding these memories
We know that earthly life isn’t easy sometimes
It can be tough, harsh or stressful
But often in the worst moments
The moments you suffered the most
You can find the greatest life lessons you can get

These lessons for your soul
Are meant to let you grow
That your inner being will be
More powerful than it used to be
Perhaps these life issues made you so weak
That you lost your power and strength totally
We can imagine that, dear children
But it was never our intention to let you suffer
That you fell apart, completely, or gave up on life
We can do a lot, interfere in lives, but so now and then
There is called coincidence, fate or situations
We could not have foreseen these at all
We try to make your lives so happy as they could be
Nevertheless we depend also on life itself

In the soul world we know much, but not everything
As said our abilities to interfere are big…
There are things we also have to deal with
The path you walk is full of obstacles you know
Also filled with blessings and happy moments
It is the art of living to set your souls free
To set you free of the memories of the past
What happened, has happened
These life lessons had to be lived too. Just as life itself
And the ‘unfortunate situations’ you had to cope with
Weren’t always in line with the path of your life
We do not ask you to forget everything
What happened to you, what did hurt you anyway
But the art, out of love for yourself is
Go with the flow of life and
Try to see the beauty of every day

We are aware that happiness
Is not always easy to become or be and staying happy
However with a mind full of unpleasant memories
And a heart and soul which are full of pain
That hurts for both so much that you suffer from heartache
You might ask yourself the question
All these repeating moments
All that pain or grief I felt over and over again
Is this good for my inner being, the soul?
We know for sure that souls have scars too
Some souls have deeper scars than others
But it is never the intention
To let you suffer for a lifetime long

We will help you to release these old pain matters
Because life goes on
Please keep your minds and hearts open
Do not let your pains take your life spirit away
Even in the deepest moments there always will be love
Love is the cure for everything we can say
Our dimension is built on love
This energy is so powerful
Please let your self-love of the love from others
Strengthen your soul and empower your human body
Because everyone has a powerful light and loving basis

Let love be your life medicine
To heal your grieved hearts and carved souls
That is what we wanted to say
Heal with love
Love is all for the universe of our dimensions
Make love your inner motivator
To embrace life with all its pains
As we embrace you completely in love and light
Comfort yourself with love
So that you will be happy again
Love itself never hurts. Life can hurt. People can hurt
Love can never hurt. Embrace life with love
That is all what we wish for you, dear children
Because love is the most powerful healer there is

Love, Irmgard